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The Catholic Women’s League of Canada BC & Yukon Provincial Council National theme: One Heart, One Voice, One Mission Provincial theme: Joyfully Serving the Lord

6.0 BC & YUKON CONVENTION FUNDS   (Rev. Mar 6 2016)

6.1 Subsidy to Attend a Provincial Convention

6.1.1 History:

The BC & Yukon Subsidy to Attend a Provincial Convention was established in 1995.  The capital of $15,000.00 was derived from an excess of funds from the hosting committee (all 6 dioceses of the BC & Yukon Council) for the national convention in Vancouver in 1994. The provincial council matched this fund at that time.

In 2002, the capital amount was raised from $30,000.00 to $50,000.00, the amount derived from general funds of the provincial council.  Up to and including 2013, the interest of these funds was distributed to applicants for 2/3 of their bus fare travel to provincial conventions.  

In 2013, the provincial council voted to budget $3,000 annually and grant $250 for 12 members (2 from each diocese) to include a member of the diocesan executive and one member who has never attended a provincial convention, neither of whom are having their way paid by another level of the League to attend a provincial convention.

The BC & Yukon Council firmly believes that the best training for the League is attendance at conventions at all levels and that this is the primary purpose of the fund.

6.1.2 Criteria:

The $250 subsidy is available to two (2) members from each of the six (6) dioceses, to include one member of the diocesan executive and one member who has never attended a provincial convention (this member could also be on the diocesan executive), neither of whom is having their expenses fully reimbursed by another level of the League to attend the upcoming provincial convention.

The provincial development committee will consist of the the president-elect, the past president and the 1st vice-president.  The president of the provincial council is an ex-officio member. The president may appoint additional members as she sees fit.

Applications should be submitted on the current form by May 10 of any given year. The form must be completed in full.

Those who have not received this subsidy in the past are eligible to apply.

The committee will reach a decision and all applicants submitting forms will be notified by Email of the outcome of their request within 12 days ( May 22).

Cheques of $250 will be issued by the provincial treasurer at the provincial convention registration desk.

A summary of the convention attended must be completed on the report form of this application and be submitted to the current provincial organization chairperson with a copy submitted to the applicant’s parish or diocesan president within 30 days of convention.

* * *

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