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The Catholic Women’s League of Canada BC & Yukon Provincial Council





At the BC & Yukon 2013 Spring Midterm meeting it was recognized that while a commitment to League Development was important, there was no dollar amount in the provincial budget set aside for this.The treasurer then recommended that any amount set aside annually for League Development should be based on the number of members from the previous year. At the October 2013 midterm meeting, funds to support League Development were further discussed and a committee was struck comprising Nancy Simms, Sharon Ciebin, Sandra Stajduhar, and Pat Deppiesse. At the 2014 Spring Mid-term meeting, on the recommendation of this committee, a motion was passed to establish an annual Provincial League Development Fund. This fund would be based on 50 cents per capita and made available to members for application starting June 30, 2014.


1) The purpose of this fund is to assist provincial and diocesan councils in educating members at diocesan and parish council levels about the scope and responsibilities of Officers and Chairpersons of Standing Committees.


2) Facilitators will be provided by BC & Yukon Provincial and/or Diocesan councils with all expenses paid. Facilitators will be responsible for submitting their own expense form to the provincial treasurer with a copy to the chairperson of the Development Fund committee.


3) Requests for funding will be evaluated on an individual basis by the Development Fund Committee as outlined on the application form. This committee currently consists of the President-Elect, and the 1st and 2nd Vice Presidents of the BC & Yukon Provincial council.

4) In order to encourage maximum participation, a claim may be made under transportation to cover travel expenses for members attending the workshop.

5) Applications will be accepted as long as funds are available.


 6) The following steps must be followed when applying for funding:

a)  Each applicant council must completely fill out the application form stating the estimated amount of funding needed to effectively conduct the workshop(s), and attach a copy of the proposed agenda.

b) The fully executed application must be signed by the Diocesan Council President and forwarded to the Provincial Organization Chairperson for approval and signature. After consultation with her committee, if the application is approved, the Provincial Organization Chairperson will forward a notice of approval and a Report of Workshop to the applicant.

c) As soon as possible after the workshop, the Report of Workshop and all receipts must be forwarded directly to the Provincial Organization Chairperson in order to receive reimbursement for expenses.  In some cases the council submitting the application may require the funds in advance of holding the event. These cases will be approved on an individual basis and when funds are given prior to the event the council will be responsible for returning all unused funds to the provincial treasurer.

d) Unsuccessful applicants will be notified with suggestions for further action.

Application Form
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