It is with great pleasure that I introduce the Provincial Christian Family Life Sub-Committee: Life Member Agnes Geiger from Nanaimo, and Linda McClinton from Prince George.

Families and the Advent Season:

This year Advent begins on Sunday, December 2nd.  Advent is the time of preparation that directs our hearts and minds to the anniversary of our Lord’s birth and offers our families the opportunity to bear witness to Jesus Christ. Some simple family traditions in our homes such as the Advent wreath and Nativities could help us to keep Christ in Advent. If we become immersed in the business and worldly noise of the season, when He comes, He will find that again, there is no room at the inn.

The Synod on Young people, the Faith and Vocational discernment took place from October 3rd to the 28th, at its conclusion the Synod Fathers sent a letter to the young people, some of it reads: “Our weaknesses should not deter you; our frailties and sins must not be an obstacle for your trust. The Church is your mother; she does not abandon you; She is ready to accompany you on new roads, on higher paths where the winds of the Spirit blow stronger – sweeping away the mists of indifference, superficiality and discouragement. When the world that God so loved that he gave us his only Son, Jesus, is focused on material things, on short-term successes, or pleasures, and when the world crushes the weakest, you must help it to rise again and to turn its gaze towards love, beauty, truth and justice once more.

The Church and the world are in urgent need of our enthusiasm. Be sure to make the most fragile people, the poor and those wounded by life your traveling companions. You are the present; be a brighter future”.

World Youth Day: this is an international catholic event focused on religious faith and youth, it will take place in Panama City, Panama, January 22-27, 2019

The Cannabis Act and what we need to know to protect ourselves and our families:

To buy, possess or use cannabis in B.C. you must be 19 or older.                     

  • The Cannabis Act includes strict penalties for selling or providing it to youth under legal age.
  • Learn about the health effects, like alcohol and tobacco, cannabis has risks, especially for youth and young adults.
  • Cannabis can impair the ability to operate vehicles or equipment safely.
  • Driving while impaired by cannabis or any other drug is a serious criminal offence.
  • It’s illegal to take cannabis across the Canadian border. This applies to all countries, whether cannabis is legal there or not.
  • Access to cannabis for medical purposes will continue to be provided to those who are authorized by their health care practitioner.

The Advent/Christmas season can be a sad one for the isolated or lonely especially the recently bereaved, the separated and divorced, and all those suffering from the “empty chair” symptom.  Through caring acts of mercy such as a visit, a phone call, a card, we can bring to them the Christmas touch of love. “Our generosity is not measured by the goods we give, but rather by the depth of our love”.

A blessed Advent and Christmas to you all!

May Our Lady of Good Counsel guide us as we grow in faith, promoting social justice through service to the church, Canada and the world.

Blanca Stead