Sisters in the League & Fr. Kulling

I have come to the end of my two term as Christian Family Life Chairperson and would take it on for another two years if that were allowed. I have found this committee a very interesting and fulfilling position. There are so many duties and they are all interesting and the love of God comes into every duty, marriage and family, sanctity of life, ministry to the youth, disabled, seniors, single, widowed, separated, divorced and vocations.

When Jesus wants to teach us how a Christian should be, he tells us very little, but he shows people by feeding the hungry and welcoming the stranger. (Statement from Pope Francis).

Pope Francis’ also says “It is important for families to ask themselves often if their lives are based on love, for love, and in love. In practice, this means giving of oneself, forgiving, not losing patience, accepting, respecting as well as living and repeating daily the phrases ‘please, thank you and I’m sorry.

Christian Family Life is a part of our daily lives from conception to natural death. Life begins and is nourished through the family and should be the place where it is instilled in children, love of God, hard work, and honesty. Home is where we should feel protected and loved. Violence in the family harms all members.

We need to stand up and act upon the issues of abortion, euthanasia, assisted suicide, teen suicides, trafficking, and pornography. We must storm the government with letters, petitions and visits asking for laws against such life and family threatening issues. Many seniors live lives of loneliness and isolation and may feel cut off from the parish. As members of the parish we must be aware of this and make sure it isn’t happening in our parish. We need to be aware of senior abuse in the home and in institutions and act on it.

We are called at Baptism, to become followers of Christ. It is our task to discern how God wants us to serve Him, and to help others, including our children, discover their call, encouraging and fostering vocations to the priesthood or laity.

May our Lady of Good Counsel guide us as we work for God and Canada.