Now that we have the calendar turned to March, hopefully we will cast the winter behind us as the robins seem to have returned (at least here in the Okanagan) and the tulip and daffodil bulbs will peep up soon!

As a chairperson of communication, we have a wide and varied job description as described in the Executive Handbook that is available as a download from the national website at and a resource that I carry with me to all meetings.  Another resource that I find useful is to read your local newspaper and bring an item or “hot” topic to discuss, with the permission of your president, during your standing report at the general meeting.  It is remarkable how responsive and motivated to give their opinion or respond by an action to some of the topics.  This is communication of the best kind.

A few months ago, one of our members asked everyone to note their Acts of Kindness to a friend, neighbour or the community for the last month on a clipboard that she passed around.  Last month she reported on the list that she had kept; it brought her and us to tears.  This was a tremendous effort of communication in action which was so rewarding to both the giver and receiver. Personal interaction is so important

A few weeks ago, I received a video from Doreen Gowans, national chairperson of communications on the effect that cellphones, smartphones and social media have on our relationships. I was so taken by it that I became more conscious, by observation, just how much of use of technology has taken over our lives, and I must admit, in some respects, my own.  Let us not become unaware or oblivious of the human touch physically, emotionally and spiritually to our family, friends and sisters in the League.

The new National Theme as at January 1 this year is “Care for Our Common Home” and the National President, Anne Gorman, has asked that we focus on Water for the next 12 months.  Take time to review the guidelines from your city, town or regional district on what you can or cannot flush down your toilet or drains.  It is up to us help our water resources to be clean and potable. We all live downstream from someone. What your upstream neighbours put down their drain could end up in your water system. And what you put down your drain could affect all households.  There are several ways we can protect our water sources — and protect our neighbours — based on what we do in our homes. Medications and chemicals, like harsh cleaners and paints, should not be flushed down the toilet or washed down the drain. Instead, take unused medications to your pharmacy, and take paints and other chemicals to appropriate disposal locations.  Let us do what we can to protect our precious resources.

Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday the first day of the Season of Lent symbolic of the days that the Lord fasted in the desert. Let us make this Lent a prayerful and devoted sign of love for our Faith.

Some dates to remember:

March 17, St. Patrick’s Day
March 19, St. Joseph
March 25, Annunciation of the Lord
April 18 – 21 Easter Triduum
April 26, Feast of our Patroness, Our Lady of Good Counsel


A reminder that the bi-annual “Communicator” will be published in April and I know that your councils have been busy over the winter months hosting events that you need to boast about, I would love to have an article and photographs of what your Councils have been doing as well as milestones i.e. Council Anniversaries, birthdays, fundraisers, and other special events. It would be wonderful to have news in this issue, from all the councils in the province.

The theme of the Easter Communicator is “Alleluia, He is Risen!”

 Please email your submissions to me at by March 30, latest.

May Our Lady of Good Counsel pray for us,

Sylvia Jurys
Chairperson of Communications