Welcome to early summer!  As I look out of the window the tiny Costa Hummingbirds are in a feeding frenzy at the feeders.  Some are polite and gracefully seem to wait their turn to feed but others ‘dance’ around each other because they want to interact with each other and get on with other things!  I love watching this performance of energy.  As human beings we see many different personalities in our relatives, friends and sisters in the League which enrich our communications and motivates us to get things done. A beautiful tapestry of working together by exercising our collective talents for God and Canada.

As the 5 diocesan conventions are now complete and 3 of which were in an election year and have a new diocesan executive, I would like to thank the outgoing chairpersons of communications for their tremendous work and contributions to  their diocesan council and submitting articles and ‘happenings’ to the provincial Communicator, Kathy Dahl, Kamloops, Susan Steiner, Prince George and Mirella Manarin, Vancouver and  to welcome, Terry Mae Sinclair, Kamloops, Pat Forster, Prince George and Marilyn Martin, Vancouver. We are looking forward to having you on our team and I can assure you that this is a very rewarding, busy, and rewarding responsibility.

As mentioned in my last communique, As a chairperson of communication, we have a wide and varied job description as described in the Executive Handbook that is available as a download from the national website at https://www.cwl.ca/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/606-Executive-Handbook-2014.pdf and a resource that I carry with me to all meetings.  Another resource that I find useful is to read your local newspaper and bring an item or “hot” topic to discuss, with the permission of your president, during your standing report at the general meeting.  It is remarkable how responsive and motivated to give their opinion or respond by an action to some of the topics.  This is communication of the best kind.

In today’s tech-driven world, to me it is so important to make sure that I put my iPad, cellphone, and social media aside and make face-to-face contact or send a handwritten card or letter to my relatives, friends and dear sisters in the League.  It takes an effort to get back to basics but so worthwhile.  Perhaps during the summer, we can make time to give this a try?

“There is nothing more pleasant than receiving a beautiful Letter” Amy Vanderbilt.

A few reminders about the use of the Catholic Women’s League of Canada logo on all printed communications i.e. church bulletins, letterhead, raffle tickets, meeting notices, bake sales, bazaars etc. Permission is required from the National Office anytime the Logo/Crest is used.

To obtain permission, an email must be sent which includes your council’s name, address, name of contact requesting permission and in what capacity the logo will be used. Example: on t-shirts to be worn by members at fundraising activities, or on letterhead and promotional materials, or for cookbooks celebrating the council’s 75th anniversary, etc.

Send an email to Natalia at communications@cwl.ca together with a copy of the artwork and she will  forward the request to the standing committee chair who will review the request and grant or disallow  permission.  Please let me know if you have any questions in this regard.

A reminder of the National Centenary Committee HUG Project 2019 who have asked Councils to put together toiletries and other personal items to be taken to women’s shelters.  If you have any questions contact  at betty.colaneri@gmail.com  The total of items donated will be announced at the 2020 national convention during the prayer service to commemorate the packages and offer prayers to those using the shelters.

Dates to Remember:

June 2, World Communications Day – Make sure you call or end a card or letter to a friend

Important News:

There will be a trail issue of a Summer Communicator which will be published in July. So as you wrap up your council meetings for  the summer, I know that you have had spring luncheons, maybe a Royal Baby Lunch, special birthdays, council anniversaries April and I know that your councils have something to boast about and I would love to have an article and photographs of what your Councils have been doing. It would be wonderful to have news in this issue, from all the councils in the province.

The primary focus in this trail issue will be the Provincial Convention in Nanaimo, there will be photographs and reports on the proceedings, speakers, workshops, the Beach Party and more.  But … I’ll need your help in gathering articles, taking photographs, reports of all and any kind.  I know we have talented reporters out to make this summer issue a huge success.

Please email your submissions to me at comm@bcyukoncwl.com by July 15, 2019 latest.

May Our Lady of Good Counsel pray for us,

Sylvia Jurys