Communication has many forms– sitting in silent prayer by the bedside of a seriously ill loved one, the smile you give a stranger, a group working on a letter writing campaign, contemplating a beautiful scene, listening to a piece of music which speaks to your soul, sharing fun, faith and fulfillment with your CWL sisters.

I recently sent my 6th edition of the Communicator, our provincial newsletter. Speak Lord, I’m Listening was the theme and the articles and stories were very fitting. Thank you to everyone who contributed. I have, with me, a copy of each newsletter I compiled. The newsletters can also be found on the provincial website.

I would like to publicly thank Bil Gowans for his dedicated work in the setup of our previous website. He devoted much time and personal money to ensure we had one. This last year, our website has undergone considerable changes. Thank you to Sylvia Jurys and Sharon Ciebin for all their work. My role was making some small tweaks after discussion with the provincial executive in March. Enjoy the website!

Pornography continues to be a scourge affecting our society. It is so readily available to all including our very young, vulnerable, developing children. Has your council sent in the Pornography Hurts postcard to your elected officials? Has your council viewed the documentary Over 18? According to the annual reports some have, but many have not. The documentary’s goal is to educate youth on the realities of pornography, help their parents understand the growing epidemic, and propose solutions for preventing exposure and addiction. To obtain the documentary go to This could be your action plan for Resolution 2017.02 Mandatory Age Verification Mechanisms for Adult Pornographic Websites. On your tables are statements and questions which can be used on the postcards. These I obtained from the Alberta/Mackenzie website and credit them with it.

A disturbing television program entitled Mary Kills People continues to be shown on Global TV. Euthanasia is shown as a sideline business for a doctor and her assistant. Where has the Hippocratic oath of ‘do no harm’ gone?

At your diocesan conventions, you heard the latest from a member of the strategic planning committee and participated in groups answering questions on how National could proceed. Have you completed the on-line survey where you can give your personal answers to these same questions?

There is so much for us to be jubilant about, especially in what this wonderful organization stands for and accomplishes. We need to be ever vigilant and express our views (communicate) on so many issues today. We need to really be Jesus’ eyes, hands, feet, and voice on Earth especially for those who have no voice.