Dear Sisters in the League
I am a little late getting my first Communique out to my Diocesan Counterparts. I live on a ranch in Northern B.C. and wild fires have been our most concern. We were evacuated August 8 and aloud to come home August 21 but were under alert until just a few days ago. By the grace of God, the fire came right to the edge of our property and was stopped by a narrow river that goes along our border.

Introduction: I have been a member of the Catholic Women’s League since 1993. I have been active at the parish and diocesan levels for some time and this is my second term on the Provincial level. Sharon Ciebin was Community Life Chairperson last term and now I have some big shoes to fill.

Our Counterparts:
National: Marie Rackley.

Kamloops: Minnie Mathieu
Nelson: Elizabeth Cytra
Prince George: Barbara Marwood
Vancouver: Beth Brewer
Victoria: Bertha Landrie
Whitehorse: Carol Vanderbyl

Duties: Community Life Standing Committee
The duties of the chairperson are; dignity and rights of person, social and economic justice, refugees, immigration and citizenship, Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and Peace.

Encourage members to actively denounce social injustice and violation of human rights issues at home and abroad such as trafficking, domestic violence, bullying, homelessness, poverty or issues affecting indigenous peoples

Please have in your file
Community Life Handbook
Provincial Manual of Policy and Procedure
National Manual of Policy and Procedure
Copy of Constitution and By-laws
Resource List
Personal Letter Writing Guide

In June, our outgoing Provincial Community Life Chairperson, Sharon Ciebin, states in her, Communique #8, that it is our goal to provide information on the inhumanity and slavery of prostitution and human trafficking. It is important that members become educated on Canada’s, Bill C-36, the law, Protection of Communities and Exploited Persons Act and contact, by letter or visit, their Member of Parliament, regardless of political party, in support of this law. The Justice Committee will be studying their findings, in the Fall, and making recommendations to government, which could include legalizing prostitution in Canada.

At the Liberal Party’s spring convention Resolution from the Young Liberals, asking that prostitution be legalized for those over 18. While this is not Liberal Party Policy, we need to raise our voices in support of our current law, which acknowledges the victim as the prostituted and criminalize the Johns and Pimps.

God bless,

Susan Steiner