Sisters in the League

Advent is upon us. Quote from Pope Francis

“The season of Advent restores…a hope which does not disappoint for it is found on God’s word, a hope which does not disappoint, simply because the Lord never disappoints…Let us think and feel beauty.”


  1. It is report time
  2. National Theme as of January 1, 2019 is Caring for our Common Home
  3. Provincial Theme as of January 1, 2019 is Witnessing to the Truth

The Federal Government will be releasing the Application Forms for the 2019 Summer Jobs Grant in early January/February. The same application as last year. PLEASE write a letter this month to the Prime Minister and to the Minister of Employment asking that the attestation be removed from all future Summer Job Grant Applications. Go to Resolution 2018.01 and read the Action Plan. I am enclosing sample letter which you may use or put in your own words.

Address the letters to Prime Minister Justine Trudeau and to the Honourable

Patty Hadju, Minister of Employment, Workforce Development & Labour, both at House of Commons, Ottawa, Ontario, K1A 0A6. No Postage Needed.


Dear Hon.

I am deeply concerned about the government’s new policy banning employers from receiving summer job grants for students unless they espouse socially liberal views on abortion, same sex marriage and transgenderism.

The Canada Summer Jobs Program should not discriminate against summer students and employers which hold different political views than the Liberal Government.

It is completely inappropriate to exclude Christian employers and other employers that hold traditional views on life, sexuality and gender.

I urge you to immediately discontinue the policy and stop requiring summer employers to sign this ill-advised and outrageous affidavit.

I look forward a reply to this concern.


Also send a letter to your local Member of Parliament


Think of the homeless people in your area., especially this time of the year. Continue to support and pray for the homeless and people less fortunate than you. Make donations of food, clothing, blankets and money if possible.

Donations can be made to: Vincent De Paul, Good Shepherd, Salvation Army,

Y.M.C.A., Hostels, Homeless Prevention, Crisis Centre to name a few.

To end my communique, I am quoting from a Prince George Diocesan Community Life Chairperson’s Report, April 2012 Helen Gordon, Fort St. John, BC.

“In this day and age where technology seems to be the thing, everyone seems to be happily texting whenever and wherever they go, appear unconscious of those around them.

  • While bathing, pray for women who walk for miles to find clean water. Let us use water economically.

2)  Whenever entering the front door, pray for the homeless, volunteer to help in a reliable organization that offers hot meals and a bed during inclement weather.

3)  While preparing food, pray for those who will not eat today, by donating to a reliable source such as the Salvation Army or Vincent de Paul.

4)  While readying children for school, pray for those whom educations only a dream.

5)   When going to church, pray for those who are not free to practice their faith.

6)  When sitting down to a meal, remember those who have lost a family member(s) by adding their names at the end of Grace before you eat.

7)   When celebrating a birthday, pray for the unborn.

8)   While walking the streets, pray for women for whom the street is a workplace, a place of violence and abuse.

9)  When tucking children into bed, pray for those children who have no place today their head.

May the God of Compassion be with us, opening us to a clear vision of what is real and true, leading us deeply into the mystery of God, and may our dealings with one another remarked by the compassion of God, may the blessing of compassion be on us as we go forward in Peace and Community. Amen

Susan Steiner, Chairperson of Community Life