Sisters in the League

I had a nice quiet Christmas with my family. We are contending with lots of ice here in our neck of the woods. We had some snow with lots of warm weather for this area along with rain which makes it very icy.

A quote from Pope Francis – “Humanity still has the ability to work together to build a common home.”

 Monthly Prayers of the Faithfull. Pope Francis

January—That young people, especially in Latin America, follow the example of Mary and respond to the call of the Lord, to communicate the joy of the Gospel of the World.

February— For the generous welcome of the victims of human trafficking, of enforced prostitution, and of violence.

I have received two Prayer Calendars to end Human Trafficking, one from the Sisters of Joseph who are situated in the U.S. and the other from Joy Smith in Canada. Let me know if you would like me to email them to you. You can use either or both but I myself suggest that we use the one from Canada, Joy Smith’s. The Calendar is for the month of January, Human Trafficking goes on year-round, so I suggest we use the Calendar or Calendars year around. I have sent the Joy Smith Prayer Calendar by email earlier so the councils would have them to us.

Development & Peace

From Annual Fall Executive Meeting —November 16 & 17, 2018

“In the past year, the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops has reviewed the partner groups supported by Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and Peace (CCODP) because of evidence that many of them are at odds with the moral teachings of the Church. At its recent meeting, the national executive of the league discussed the current status of the review. While anxious to see a conclusion to the audit, the League is also aware of the needs of members and councils disburse their charitable donations. Therefore, the national executive has determined that while the investigation is ongoing, CWL parish councils should not collect donations on behalf of CCODP, but instead to redirect any donations to any of the other national voluntary funds that support development work, either within Canada or abroad. Furthermore, the national executive will disburse immediately the donations received for members and councils that are currently held in trust for CCODP.

The national executive of the Catholic Women’s League of Canada believes this is a temporary but necessary measure while the audit continues, so that the CCODP can effectively support communities that strive for justice and peace in the Global South.

For further information, please contact the national office at (888) 656-4040.

God Bless you all as you work for God and Canada.

Susan Steiner
Chairperson of Community Life