Let me begin with a quote from “Angel of the Heart”
“It’s funny because we ask God to change our situation not knowing HE puts us in the situation to change us”.

The bible tells us we are to be our brothers and sisters’ keepers and we are the salt and light of the world. A beatitude says that if we hunger and thirst for Justice we will be filled.

The Community Life committee, or the Heart of the League, using Catholic social teachings, provides the framework on how we can become active participants in opposing discrimination and human rights violations. While our financial and prayerful contributions play a vital role in our communities, our Love of Neighbour is expressed most clearly by our actions. By our participation in organizations assisting the vulnerable, writing letters and taking action on resolutions, we bring HOPE to Canada and the world. This will ultimately create more vibrant councils which will result in a most just society. This was proven to me recently as Barbara Renault, the originator of two National Resolutions, and I, had the honour and privilege of representing the League at the Federal Justice and Human Rights Committee Hearings on Human Trafficking. I call this my Easter Miracle as we were 1 of 15 groups and only 3 of us did not provide support to or was a victim of trafficking. Additionally, we were the only group who was publicly thanked for the work we do and the visits we make to Ottawa, by a Member of Parliament, who also privately reiterated our value and the need to visit Ottawa. We shared the League’s position that trafficking is an affront to the dignity and human rights of the victims and shared our 5 resolutions on this topic. My own MP, a member on this committee, wrote me a letter stating “the committees’ work, while important does not hold a torch to the work you and others do day in and day out to bring attention to this horrific issue…. I encourage you to keep up the good fight, but know that because of your efforts several Parliamentarians are now much more aware of this”.

The decision to become an active participant in the work of the League rests with each of you, my dear sisters. If you read my report in the convention book, you will find the amazing contributions of our councils last year. To learn more about this committee there is a workshop called Community Life and Social Teaching on the National Website under the Resources tab.