Dear Sisters in the League

I am introducing myself as the new Education and Health Chairperson for our Provincial Council, and your colleague and helper in the Chair that you lead.

I have been a nurse and have given workshops. I hope to be able to help all Chairpersons of Education and Health at the diocesan and council levels with information and guidance in the changes that our CWL will be undergoing over the next few years.

Thank you to Diocesan Education and Health Chairpersons who have been gifting their ladies over the past year. This includes:
Kamloops Diocese: Carol Ann Taphorn
Prince George Diocese: Carol Handfield
Vancouver Diocese: Murita Chua
Whitehorse Diocese: Carol Vanderbyl
Welcome to the new Chairpersons of Education and Health Chairpersons elected this year:
Nelson Diocese: Fran Sutherland
Victoria Diocese: Pat Carew

This is a new committee for me. The main activity that I associate with the Education & Health Committee is the granting of bursaries. I researched what I could to find out what my duties could be. The results are.

What the Constitution & Bylaws tells us about our responsibilities:
a.) Catholic Education
i) Catholic schools and catechesis
ii) Rites of Christian Initiation
b) Literacy and continuing education
c) Scholarships and bursaries
d) Wellness and sickness/disease
e) Environment
f) Genetics

This manual is available for download on the national website under Resources/Manuals/National Executive Manual.

What can I glean from the previous National Communiques?

The last two National Education and Health articles were directed to:
Palliative Care, – “Ending Suffering: The Palliative Alternative”
“12 hours of Prayer for Palliative Care”.

Fran Lucas’ last two communiques reflected the focus of the past 12 months on Mental Health, with the reminder of May 7-13, 2018 as Mental Health Week, with postcards available on the National website at Resources tab/100 Series, item 177 Mental Health Postcard.

Fran also asked us to share with you, “Promoting Mental Health Through the Lifespan: The Mid-Life Years” its focus on the middle years in adulthood, with 10 suggestions on how to promote resilience.

Safe drinking water be provided for people around the world, and the resolutions adopted at the Annual National Meeting sent to this standing committee for action and awareness, were on this topic in her previous two communiques.

The latest resolutions were: Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) and Environmental Sensitivities; and Banning the Marketing of Unhealthy Foods and Beverages to Children.

I found these communiques inspiring and look forward to the new National Chair and what her
emphasis will be.

We will soon be preparing for fall meetings. No one member can fulfil us all the roles that are
described for our standing committee and recommend that you avoid the feeling of becoming
overwhelmed. Consider having members for a sub-committee to help you. You may find that many ladies in your councils are fulfilling some of the roles on their own initiative already.

I would say that we need to do research as we plan our year’s activities.

Please gift your members with information about your committee, and what could be done to bring the face and hands of our Savior to the suffering people of our world.
Please ask me for help whenever you could use it.

May God richly bless you as you educate yourselves and others through your dedication to CWL.

May our Lady of Good Counsel guide you.

Kathy Weswick