I am very fond of resolutions. Our good blessing is that we have a new resolution for our committee this year – Setting a Standard for Products Marketed as Flushable. When I was in another country this month, the only thing that could be flush was a specific quality of toilet paper; items that we normally flush, like wipes, are known to block sewers and community sewer systems. Other countries have acted on the call which this resolution brings to us – to establish a national standard of testing and labelling of products to be marketed as “flushable”. Let’s start by raising awareness of our members as to the harmful effects of flushing so-called “flushable” products. And if you have interested members, let’s write to our federal government to ask for this standard to be established.

I have a little game for you, a matching game of Education and Health resolutions and their action plans.  Match the Resolution to the action plan. It may require a little research on cwl.ca/To Act On/(Resolutions) By Position, as certain words or phrases have been removed from the action plans.


  1. Setting a Standard for Products Marketed as Flushable
  2. Eating Well with Canada’s Food Guide
  3. Increased Early Intervention and Access to Children and Youth Mental Health Services
  4. Ban Plastic Microbeads in Personal Care Products
  5. Electronic Cigarettes
  6. National Organ and Tissue Donation and Transplantation Registry

Action Plans

Avoid purchasing products containing ________ by checking their list of (PE), (PP), (PET) or (PMMA)].

Answer: Resolution ____

Hold a speaker presentation on healthy living and ____ choices.

Answer: Resolution ____

Write to the prime minister, minister of health and local members of parliament, urging them to act on the potential risks of __________ _________.

Answer: Resolution ____

Request an awareness campaign of the consequences of inappropriate disposal ______________ through municipal and provincial governments.

Answer: Resolution ____

This would be a fair and equitable system ensuring people would receive timely, safe, high quality care in relation to _____ ________ ____ ______ _____ ____, regardless of one’s province or territory of residence, or financial situation.

Answer: Resolution ____

Write letters to the prime minister, minister of health and local members of parliament, urging the federal government to invest in pan-Canadian efforts to provide early intervention and access to ______ suicide prevention initiatives and programs.

Answer: Resolution ____

I hope that this was a bit of fun. It could be the effect of Halloween… But I encourage you to have fun with something in our committee that you are passionate about. God knows where it will lead.

I wanted to let you know about an organization that our members (and ourselves) may not know about. It is the Catholic Health Association of BC (CHABC).   This association’s mission is advancing the healing ministry of Jesus through advocacy, education and partnerships; they develop educational programs like a program being piloted for pastoral care outreach visitors; they advocate for spiritual care, palliative and hospice care, and right of conscience protection; and they partner with organizations and parishes to develop a better understanding of Catholic healthcare for their parishioners. For more information, consider the website info@chabc.bc.ca

I am trying to follow my own advice and find members to help with this committee. Are you having any progress with this?

What the National Constitution & Bylaws tells us about our Standing Chair:

  1. Catholic Education
  • Catholic schools and catechesis
  • Rites of Christian Initiation
  1. Literacy and continuing education
  2. scholarships and bursaries
  3. wellness and sickness/disease
  4. environment
  5. genetics

Our new National Education & Health chairperson is Faith Anderson. She is from Winnipeg, and you may have noted that she helped with the protocol for our National Convention. Her first communique encouraged us to consider sponsoring reading programs in our schools, parishes, and communities; participate in “12 Hours for Palliative Care” in 2019; and respond to the resolution 1997.06 Genetically Engineered Foods, which can be found on the National website.

By the next time that I write to you, we will have worked on our year end reports – yes, those reports, which I encourage you to get done as soon as possible, to avoid the Christmas pressure at the same time.

Also, Christmas will have been part of our lives. I wish you the blessings and joys, and maybe sorrows also, that this season brings, and hope that you are with, or seek out people to be with, as we remember God’s goodness and eternal mercy and love.

May God richly bless you as you educate yourselves and others through your dedication to CWL. May our Lady of Good Counsel guide you.

Kathy Weswick

Chairperson of Education & Health