On April 22-23, 2022 the Sacred Heart CWL Council in Williams Lake did a wonderful job of hosting our 75th AMM, celebrating our 75th anniversary (picture 1 attached) with cake and much more!

The theme of the AMM was “Catch the Fire” … and we did – with a “catching the fire” rosary (picture 2 attached), three resolutions passed and a new executive (picture 3) to lead us forward. Our guest speaker, Phyllis Webstad, founder of the Orange Shirt Society, touched our hearts with her orange shirt story. Ways to support were given including the Quilts for Survivors project, where volunteers from across Canada craft full-sized blankets that are then sent to survivors of trauma. The quilts are a symbol of support, respect, and love. See the following website for more information https://www.quiltsforsurvivors.ca/.