The Kamloops Diocesan CWL has had a successful, rewarding and challenging year. I have had the pleasure to visit and meet many members of the Diocese and I have seen first-hand what the successes, rewards and challenges have been. Holy Family Parish in Kamloops celebrated their 35th anniversary. Our Diocesan convention was held in Quesnel and there we celebrated their 70th anniversary along with our very successful 71st convention
There are many councils that are thriving, even without a full slate of officers let alone a President. Past presidents have stepped up to the plate and have shared meetings. A few councils are struggling to keep afloat, but we continue to pray and to encourage these ladies to keep up the fight.

Activities in the diocese were varied but the most frequent among the councils were palliative care, hospice, pornography, physician assisted dying and the writing of letters in support of our resolutions. It is wonderful to see that our members care so much about the issues that are happening around the country. I don’t like to single out one council, but I felt if this one little small-town council could do it, why not the rest of the councils. Their goal was to make one lap quilt. They ended up making the one, plus four crocheted lap quilts, 13 quilts for premature babies and 5 tactile aprons for people with dementia and Alzheimer’s.

On the parish scene, our CWL ladies continue to be lectors, sacristans, extra ordinary ministers of Holy Communion, visitors of the sick and shut-ins.

As for myself, the first year of being Diocesan President, was like riding the surf. You are standing on the little board called responsibility trying to keep your balance for fear that you might fall off. You say to yourself, “this is scary!” But once you get to the shore, you say to yourself, “That wasn’t that bad, after all. I think I will do it again for the second turn.”