We’re now able to able to meet in-person and so more has happened in the last few months. We met at our 86th Annual Convention in Creston after two lackluster years of virtual meetings. Holy Cross council hosted the event and made us feel welcome by providing what we needed for the convention in every way.

Thank you to all volunteers and representatives of our parish councils in the Nelson Diocese! Guest speakers presented inspiring and inspiring themes and stories. Provincial President Sharon Geiger talked about some great women from the bible we should emulate, Provincial Spiritual Advisor Fr. David John the Paschal mystery that happens in real time at Holy Mass and Creston Refugee Committee representative Sheila Barling told us about the refugee movement in Creston. Sheila brought with her Georgina, a refugee from Sierra Leone and Nesrin a refugee from Syria. They both wore colorful native dresses and shared their moving stories with us.

We undertook the Instructed Vote procedure and were updated by reports from the diocesan council executive. There are changes happening as a result of the Instructed Vote one of which is the way we forward communiques, memos and other written material. This was caused partly by the paring down of standing committees to 3 namely Faith, Service and Social Justice.

With God’s grace, our Lady of Good Counsel and assistance from our League sisters, we will prevail!