Where did the time go? Advent is here and now we prepare to welcome our Lord.

Annual Reports

Parish council reports are due January 15, 2019 if submitted online and December 15, 2018 if they are done on paper. According to national President -elect Fran Lucas in 2017 only 716 councils used the online reporting method. this number needs to be increased.

Life Membership

Membership applications will be increased to $200.00 in 2019. Applications received by December 15, 2018 are not affected.

League Resource Material

Fran has informed us that Life Member Becky Kallal has been appointed as sub-committee Chairperson to assist with updating select organization manuals.

CWL Plans Strategically update

In Fran Lucas’ communiqué she stated that on November 13th and November 14th National President Anne-Marie Gorman, Executive Director Kim Scammell, and Fran as the implementation committee liaison to the national executive met with four members that make up the implementation committee (IC) to begin implementation of the newly adopted strategic plan.

In October four members were selected and in November the committee met. Here are their responsibilities:

  • Vice-Chairperson and leader of goal 1: Lisa Henry, North Bay, Ontario
  • Secretary and leader of goal 2: Sr. Susan Scott, Stoney Plain, Alberta
  • Leader of goal 3: Jacqueline Nogier, Snow Lake, Manitoba
  • Chairperson and leader of goal 4: Sharon Ciebin, Coquitlam, British Columbia

Anne-Marie Gorman and Kim Scammell serve in an ex-officio capacity.

Fran Lucas also stated that 17 objectives were agreed upon as the key measures.

The IC was advised it could move forward by preparing an initial strategy map, including timelines for each object / critical issue. Key risks of implementation and how to overcome them will be identified, leading to the preparation of a high-level overview of capital, operation, staff and volunteer resources required to achieve the strategy.

This strategy map will be brought to the national executive for approval at the winter meeting in February 2019. Upon approval the year one working groups will be struck and charged to create detailed action plans for each strategy. The action plans will be submitted to the IC in June 2019 for approval and then the work will begin.


I am going to quote from the Handbook for Organization Chairpersons

  • encourage the use of personal contact for enlisting new members or renewing past memberships.
  • organize telephone committee to invite members to monthly meetings and special events
  • consider presenting new member with New Member Kit; which contains a list of the membership roster together with any other items determined by the council.

Membership campaigns begin January 1.

I know that many invitations are done by e-mail but I know the best way to invite new members is by personal contact. Also keep your members informed. If they do not have emails, phone them or talk to the personally.

Have a Blessed Advent and Merry Christmas to you and your families.