Welcome to the new Diocesan President-Elect/Organization Chairpersons. Congratulations and thank you for saying yes.

Nelson                       Victoria Oppertshauser
Victoria                      Laurel Phyall
Prince George          Maria Tejero

Welcome back to the last year’s team. Thank you for all your hard work.

Kamloops-     Diane Nadeau
Vancouver-    Barbara Renaud
Whitehorse-    Carol Vanderbyl

Congratulation to National President-Elect/Organization Chairperson
Fran Lucas.

At all levels chairpersons of organization have common goals:

  • Recruit members and maintain membership:

In Fran Lucas’ communiqué she states that we need to encourage women 16 years of age and older in order to get a taste of what the League is really about. She says that the Catholic Girls League (CGL) is an excellent starter for girls to be initiated as future League members. More information on starting a CGL, can be obtained directly from national office. Promote the league and identify the needs of current members and those of the women of the parish and plan programs to meet those needs. We need to educate members about the league as well, so that leaders can be developed in the League.

  • Leadership development: National Development Fund (see the guidelines on www.cwl.ca  Provincial and some diocese also provide assistance through leadership development funds. Leadership development helps members gain confidence to be leaders. Long time members, Honorary Life members and Life members are always willing to help with leadership development. Give them a call.
  • League resource materials: There are many resources to educate members. Such as the Constitution & Bylaws, National Manual of Policy and Procedure, Executive Handbook and Handbook for Organization Chairpersons. These should be at your fingertips. You can also go to the

national website (www.cwl.ca) or provincial and diocesan websites for        workshops, forms or programs under each standing committee. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

  • Annual reports: This will be the third year of electronic reporting. Let’s see if we can get 100% participation.
  • Life membership: At the 98th annual national convention 10 new life members were commissioned by way of a prayer service. The nomination deadline for life members is September 15th. Please review the criteria carefully.

Our new provincial life member liaison is Carol Penno. Life members represent a wealth of knowledge and support for the membership and we thank them for their willingness to continue to serve.

Fran Lucas states that the first steps of the strategic plan will set a new course for every member. She asks members for their continued support. This is paramount.

May our Lady of Good Counsel guide us in all that we do for God and Canada

Sharon Geiger
President-elect  and Organization