Hello Everyone
I hope that you all had an enjoyable summer with friends, family and relaxation. I trust that you all will be ready to begin another year of faith, service and justice.

Recruit Members and Maintain Membership

One of the biggest challenges members have for the CWL is membership and how do we recruit new ones. This isn’t easy and we need to work at this with diligence. We need to be welcoming to those Catholic women we meet, speaking to women face to face and inviting them to meetings. Try and have interesting meetings. Bring someone new to the meeting. Market your council by advertising special events, blow your own horns.

Identify the needs of current members and those of the women of the parish and plan programs to meet those needs.

Leadership Development

Remember that there is the National Development Fund to visit all parishes and present the benefits of League membership, with the goal of starting new councils. It is almost time for some councils to have elections. This is a good time to have a training day for those who may be potential candidates who want to be on the executive. Encourage them and prepare them to take on leadership roles. Fran Lucas recommends a leadership resource that was recommended by other members which comes from Brett Powell. Visit his website at brettpowell.org/.

League Resource Material

Make sure that councils have copies of all League publications and that you are familiar with League publications and promote them including Leading the League and Handbook for Organization Chairpersons. You need to also be familiar with, and promote the use of, national office inventory items.

Annual Reports

In Fran Lucas’ last communiqué she states that the annual report survey will be available by September 30th with several updated questions. The implementation committee is gathering information via working groups and has asked for additional questions in the survey to assist in this regard. One question relating to age demographics will produce a better picture of where the League is today. This will help to measure movement in this area in years to come. Establish a procedure for regularly informing diocesan chairpersons of organization on the progress of survey completion. More details will be attached to the surveys. Diocesan chairpersons of organization will now have the ability to extract report data, eliminating your need to do so. Your help to ensure greater participation of online survey responses will help all of us.

Life Membership

 Congratulations to our newest life member Linda McClinton from Prince George.

Remember that life members have a vast knowledge of the League and members can benefit from their experience and expertise.

I have mailed out the “The Future of the League-Year 1” packages. Please make sure that all councils have an opportunity to see the presentation.

Members need to keep well informed about the strategic planning updates. They need to have the opportunity to be a part of the end goal – a new league of engaged community of Catholic women inspired by faith.

There are many workshops available and I encourage you to inquire about them for the development of our members.

This is from the Executive Handbook “Great League members do not just happen; they must be encouraged, trained and supported”.

May Our Lady of Good Counsel guide you in all your good works for God and Canada.

Sharon Geiger