Advent = Hope, Peace, Joy, Love

“Christmas isn’t just a temporal celebration or the memory of a beautiful (event); Christmas is more… Christmas is an encounter.”
Pope Francis.

Something for you to think about.

Recruit Members and Maintain Membership
Each council should have a Handbook for Organization Chairpersons. If; your council doesn’t have one then purchase one. This manual has a lot of ideas in it.
Here is a quote from this manual:

“I am a member of The Catholic Women’s League of Canada because I believe that as a human being and a Christian, I have a responsibility to witness Christ in the world, and that membership in the League opens a new vista, helping me to fulfill in greater measure my Christian mission in the community of human kind.”

Wow, what a statement. So in other words, all baptized Catholic women should belong to this wonderful organization. The last Sunday in January is designated CWL Membership Sunday. Many councils bring their membership drive to an end but membership drives should begin before January 1. Councils should complete their per capita submission by February 28th.

Remember to contact new members personally. It is probably the most effective way to encourage them.

Leadership Development
I am very happy that parishes in the diocesan councils have presented The League of the Future -Year . I know that there are still many councils who have not shown the presentation but will be doing this in the new year. Encourage members to check out the map on the CWL website to keep up with the monthly activities at

Annual Reports
The deadline has passed for the paper submission of December 15 but the electronic submission is due January 15th for parishes. In Fran Lucas’ communiqué she suggests that diocesan chairpersons of organization establish a procedure for follow-up, prior to the deadline, with those councils that may be having difficulty completing the surveys. Fran says that it was uplifting to hear comments at a recent national executive meeting that the method used for the annual report surveys is a “brilliant system!”

A reminder that the Diocesan Annual Report Forms are to be sent by the diocesan presidents, executive and chairpersons to provincial chairpersons by February 15.  These reports and to also help with provincial convention book.

Life Membership
Quoting from the Handbook again:
“Life membership is not intended to be a reward of service or a retirement gift. There are appropriate ways of honouring members for their dedication to the League. Privilege entails responsibility. National council requires support ;and service from its life members.”

League Resources

Fran Lucas stated in her communiqué that the biannual review of national manuals and forms is underway by national officers to ensure the data and information is most current. Is it time to do the same in your council? The League of the Future- Year ! and Sr. Dorothy Ederer’s presentation from the national convention in August were not able to be uploaded to the website due to a lack of technology of national office and an excessive cost to outsource.

Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Your sister in the League.

Sharon Geiger
President-elect & Organization