Hello everyone, I hope you are all trying to keep warm. One good thing for some of us is that the sun is shining. It is wonderful to start a new year in the League with our new themes; National theme Care for Our Common Home and the Provincial theme Witnessing to the Truth.


A reminder that memberships were due January 1 and should be sent to national by February 28th. Please make sure to personally contact lapsed members as well as enlisting new members and renewing past memberships. Make sure to promote the League to recruit new members. Identify the needs of current members and those of the women of the parish and plan programs to meet those needs.

Leadership Development

Encourage, train and support members. Offer workshops, development days and promote and encourage members to attend League functions, training days and conventions.

Provincial Convention

The diocese of Victoria is busy preparing for the provincial convention taking place in Nanaimo  June 13- 15 at St. Peter’s Coast Bastion Hotel. Diocesan presidents are reminded to book  their own rooms along with their president-elect’s. Encourage our members to apply for the subsidy.

Subsidy to Attend a Provincial Convention

A Subsidy of $500 dollars is available to two (2) members from each of the six (6) diocese, to include one member of the diocesan executive and one general member (this member may also be on the diocesan executive), neither of whom is having their way fully paid by another level of the League, to attend the upcoming provincial convention. If only two applications are received from  a diocese they will be declared to be awarded the subsidy, however, one must be a member of the diocesan executive. The form must be completed prior to May 10.You will find the form on the website. www.bcyukoncwl.com  Successful applicants will be notified by Email within 12 days.

National convention

Diocesan Presidents can find the application forms for the “Subsidy for a Diocesan President to Attend National Convention” in the BC & Yukon Policy & Procedure manual, due date is March 31st. the $1000.00 subsidy (for one time in the president’s term) covers accommodation, travel and/or food costs. The national convention is August 18-21 2019 in Calgary.

The Catholic Women’s League of Canada Plan Strategically 2018- 2011 project

In Fran Lucas’ National Organization Chairperson’s communiqué she says that members need to know the new mission statement, the three core values, the core purpose and the envisioned future. They need to review Goal 1 and Goal 4 first year strategies to ensure members are familiar with the initial strategies to be worked on. Pages 10 and 11 from The Catholic Women’s League of Canada plans Strategically 2018-2022 booklet are the best starting points. She states the need to create the Implementation Committee in late 2018, along with its orientation and initial steps in 2019 means the strategic plan’s final year of the five-year project is now 2023 not 2022.

May our Lady of Good Counsel guide you in all your good works.

Sharon Geiger
President-Elect and Organization