I will start my report with this quote from Matthew Kelly’s “Dynamic Catholic”, “We all need people in our lives who raise our standards, remind us of our essential purpose, and challenge us to become the “best-version-of-ourselves.”

I am finding these people in the Catholic Women’s League! Six years ago I let my name stand for a position on the provincial council, to my surprise I was voted in, here in Whitehorse, but, due to my earlier booked 6am return flight to Vancouver I missed the post-convention meeting. This time around, I booked a later flight as I wanted to be at this post-convention meeting. Yes, we live and learn. And that I have since my election to the provincial council; especially in my last two years as president-elect and organization chairperson.

As president-elect/Organization chair I am part of the delegation that presents our resolutions to the provincial government each year and this spring was my fifth time being part of this visit. The Catholic Women’s League is well known and respected by members of the provincial legislature. To bring our resolutions and issues to the provincial government is one key point that I use when promoting the League to non-members. We know that we do more than baking but many people don’t know this.

My first task as president-elect was to carry the Yukon flag at the opening procession at the national convention in Halifax. I remember at earlier national conventions where I stood in awe and watched these important ladies process the flags into the cathedral for the opening Mass, never dreaming that one day I could be one of them.

By producing the evaluation report after the provincial conventions, it gave me an inside as to what members are looking for and how much conventions are appreciated; the spiritual programs, speakers and the enjoyment of friendships right across our country. However, like many other groups the League is struggling to keep the membership up, recruit new members and finding members who will take on positions as leaders.

I am thankful for the national council and the strategic planning committee for their tireless work to move the League forward and to infuse new life into it while holding on to our spiritual values; these values are what set us apart from other women organizations.

In the last edition of the League magazine Barbara Dowding is quoting Pope Francis, he:
“Invites everyone to be bold and creative in this task of rethinking goals, structures, styles and methods of evangelization in their respective communities”, understanding that “today’s vast and rapid cultural changes demand that we constantly seek ways…in a language which brings out their abiding newness.” She further states that: “By being authentic witnesses who continue to pray for wisdom and guidance, while taking Pope Francis’ words to heart and putting Jesus Christ at the center of everything, the League will surely set the world ablaze once again with love and zeal”.

I am looking forward to the future where I will meet more people, especially CWL members, who will challenge me to be the best version of myself. I thank you for your prayers and work in the CWL.