First of all, I am delighted to welcome our new diocesan Past Presidents, Dorothy Hruby (Kamloops), Gemma Gillis (Prince George) and Angelina Stiglich (Vancouver) who have now joined  Maureen Ingram (Victoria) and Sylvia Jurys (Nelson) in our work as consultants to our presidents, guardians of our archives, sources of education in our League’s Constitution and Bylaws, and willing recipients of requests for any other duties that our presidents would like us to undertake. Also welcome to the world of reduced emails! Let us keep Whitehorse diocesan council in our prayers so that one day soon their current president Carol Vanderbyl will also be able to enjoy the benefits of this position. If any of our newcomers did not receive my previous three communiqués, I will send them on request.

Consultation with your Diocesan President

 Please ensure that the current version of the Provincial Policy & Procedure Manual 2016-2018 has been passed on to your new diocesan president, and alert her to the fact that we have already reviewed in detail items 1 to 4, and also the Convention Section. At our next 2 mid-term meetings in October 2019   and March 2020 we will be looking at the remaining items namely 4 to 11.2 so it is important that this white binder, sporting the flags of British Columbia and Yukon on its cover, and the date March 2018 is brought to each of those meetings. Any other version is defunct and should be removed from her files.

All P&P revisions will be formally approved at the March 2020 midterm  meeting. The current 2018-2020 version will be collected at the 2020 pre- convention meeting, and the revised version will be presented at next year’s      Post Convention meeting to the newly elected incoming provincial executive.


Before committing any of your documents to the archives please ensure that the date of the document is noted somewhere in it, that the diocese/parish is mentioned if appropriate, and that the spelling of names is correct. If the document has multiple pages which may at some future date be turned into a hard copy, page numbers along with the initials of the author placed in the   footer or header would also help. A long list of names should be placed in alphabetical order, although the use of the “search” function on our computer programs is a great tool which can alleviate location problems.

I recently spent some time transferring historical information from hard copies to a flash drive for ease of transportation to our annual convention. Suspected spelling errors or apparent duplication of material, and the absence of the year, or name of the diocese where the information originated often hampered my progress in verifying corrections. Many of the original documents could have been handwritten or hand printed, and we all know how these can vary regarding legibility! Furthermore, whenever a document is transcribed it can be another opportunity for other errors to creep in. Remember the Telephone Game? I felt I was dealing with something similar, but in written form!  Fortunately, each diocesan spiritual development chairperson came to my rescue by researching items in her Book of Life, which helped clarify much of the confusion. Teamwork at its best! Thank you all.

But despite the difficulties experienced with this project, I felt refreshed, with a heightened sense of wonderment and pride after reading the names of thousands of deceased BC & Yukon members, some of whom I have known, who in their lives faithfully served God and Canada, working for social justice and many other humanitarian  projects.

Please encourage all your parish past presidents to dip into the past and share with fellow members golden nuggets from their council’s history. Every council has amazing and inspirational stories to tell. Sometimes four or five sentences are all that is needed to recount one, or it can be framed as a trivia type question.

BC & Yukon Provincial Convention Nanaimo

I am excited at the prospect of seeing some of you next week at our provincial convention where I hope we can find at least one opportunity for all diocesan and parish past presidents in attendance to meet. From these informal meetings good ideas can emerge which could help us in the months to come. If you are unable to attend please contact me by email and if you have an issue that needs to be addressed, I will try to include it in my next communique which is due the last week of August.


Do take some time for rest and recuperation this summer. We all need some!

May our patroness, Our Lady of Good Counsel continue to intercede for us during this beautiful season.         Evelyn