Provincial Elections Register 2020

Since my last communique I have been studying an additional resource for elections, a loose-leaf binder entitled BC & Yukon Provincial Elections which contains an important document, namely the Elections Register. This needs to be updated every two years prior to sending letters of invitation to all eligible candidates. The Elections Register I inherited is organized in five columns, with the following headings:

Name &


Years as Diocesan President 1st Year


Years and Offices held on Provincial Last Election Eligible

There are also several examples of Elections Registers set out in the National P&P, pages 102-104.
My predecessor duly updated our document following the 2018 election. Any diocesan president who completes her term in 2020 has had her name inserted in the eligibility list for the BC & Y provincial elections, along with that of a former provincial chairperson who recently arrived from another province. [C&B Part XVI, 3(c) (iii]. It would be great if your president could bring a copy of your eligibility list to our March Mid-term meeting.
Any volunteers? This could prove to be a good learning session. Please let me know if you are interested.

Diocesan Elections 2020

If your diocesan officers and chairpersons are in the final months of their two-year term, please ensure that your diocesan president has consulted with your diocesan Spiritual Advisor before appointing a Nominations and Elections committee of three experienced members. This should be done by December 15th, 2019. The chairperson of this committee should not be a candidate for office. She should also be prepared to run the election at the annual diocesan convention. Most often this task is given to the current past president, but there are circumstances where this is not possible, so another experienced member should be found to fill the vacancy.

Also, if any member from another diocese has moved into your diocese you should be informed of their status, so you can add them to your current election register. These would include parish presidents who have completed a full term, and anyone with diocesan service within the last three terms.

Reference Material:

Take time to review 2 communiques from National from the National Past President of Laws: and that contain valuable information on election procedures.

The national documents delve much deeper into the election process and address more issues. It is for these reasons that they should all be reviewed before your election preparations are started. I was particularly interested in what was written about procedures made to fill vacant positions after an election has occurred. We can all benefit from a refresher!

A subsequent national memo reminds us that if we want to make changes to the National Policy and Procedures Manual, the deadline is December 1, 2019


I recently came across this question in James 3:13, (N.R.S.V. Catholic Gift Edition Anglicized Text)

“Who is wise and understanding among you? Show by your good life that your works are done with gentleness born of wisdom.”

When James elaborates on these qualities, he describes them as “pure, peaceable, gentle, willing to yield, full of mercy and good fruits, without a trace of partiality, or hypocrisy.”

May we as past presidents continue to benefit our councils by striving to live up to these ideals, so that at the end of our term we will be able to reply to James’ question, “Yes”, or at least, “I have tried”.

In closing, I wish you all the blessings of a prayerful Advent and a joyful Christmas. I also pray that Our Lady of Good Counsel will continue to intercede for us as we immerse ourselves in our many charitable programs which are particularly appreciated by the needy during this season of hope.

Evelyn Rigby
Past President