As I write this penultimate Communiqué to you, I am knee deep in changes to our Policy & Procedures manual, preparing to have it printed for you in time for our pre-convention meeting.  Thanks to all of you, I think we did a great job editing it at our fall and spring mid-term meetings, re-organizing it and bringing it up to date.

Some of you will be retiring from the provincial executive this summer as I will, and even though you are off the team, your work is never done!  I hope you are all encouraging and offering your help to your diocesan and parish councils to either write a new P&P for their council, or work on renewing the one they currently use.  Having an up to date P&P makes decision making so much simpler.  Remember it is a work in progress!  If some councils are starting fresh, they might consider borrowing a copy of a council near them to start them off and adapting it as required for them.  There is always information on the national website regarding writing a P&P manual.

I want to pass on to you something we do in the Vancouver diocese, is to honour our past-presidents, just as we do our Life Members.  They have a place on the roll call at the beginning of our general meetings, as well as a special table to sit at.  I believe it helps to include them, and make them feel special – because they are!  You might talk to your presidents and get that going in your diocese.  That way, those knowledgeable past-presidents are visible and easy to contact for help.

The provincial election is well on its way!  Thanks be to God, we have generous and talented people offering to run for every position.  You have seen the list already, and it looks like we will have a very strong team coming on to the provincial council for the 2018-20 term.  That’s good because there are bound to be many challenges and changes required once we have the report of the national Strategic Planning Committee.  Apparently we will hear news from the committee at the convention in Winnipeg. I’m very excited to hear all about the new paths we will be following!

President Evelyn Rigby has a great lineup of speakers for our provincial convention and you must take advantage of the opportunity to visit “the land of the midnight sun” in Whitehorse.  The natural landscape is absolutely stunning in the Yukon, and should be in your bucket list of places to visit – and what better time than for a convention!  Yes, the hotel rooms do have black-out drapes to keep out the bright sunlight at midnight!  I look forward to seeing all of you at convention.

With much love and blessings to all

Pat Deppiesse