How many past-presidents are there in the room today? Are you enjoying your role as past president? Isn’t it wonderful to look back and enjoy past activities while helping as much as we can, those new executive members. I hope you are not too comfy, because you are going to be asked to offer your services at the diocesan or provincial level in the foreseeable future! You are all going to be asked to step out of your comfort zone and run for election, because we need the brightest and the best to be on our leadership levels to help implement the changes in the League that will be brought about by our national Strategic Planning team. You will hear more about this later in the convention.

As I leave this provincial table, I do so with very mixed emotions. On one hand, I will miss these ladies so much. I have enjoyed serving on the provincial level and hope I have made a bit of a positive difference. I certainly learned those valuable leadership skills, mentoring and helping others grow in their service to God and Canada. I will miss all of that.

I will quote now from my last Communique saying: I sincerely thank each and every provincial council member I have worked with over the years. Not only were you all articulate, clever and strong women, you are so spiritual, and brought all these great gifts to the provincial table in abundance. We have become friends forever, indeed “Sisters in the League”.

Father Edwin, what can I say? I am so grateful that God put you in my life (our lives) for the five years we served together. I have been inspired by, and loved all your homilies and presentations. Not only did you put up with endless conversations about our policies and procedures, but you had such a happy and joyful demeanor throughout all meetings, giving us good advice and spiritual guidance. You even established a new council in your parish of St. Nicholas and welcomed us there for our mid-term meetings! Good work.
On the other hand, it is time to move on, to let the new people in, new ideas and new energy. You will be led by my good friend, Gisela Montague, a wonderful lady who is very knowledgeable about the League, and full of good ideas. She has been such fun through many years. I know you will love having her as your president.

I have made countless friends, sharing the fun, faith and fulfillment that is the League. As I said in my final communique: “I can travel from one end of this beautiful province to the other, knowing I can stop in any city and town along the way, phone one of my beautiful League Sisters, and drop in for a cup of tea.”
I thank each and every one of you dear Sisters in the League, and look forward to seeing all of you at future conventions. Please feel free to call on me, as a Life Member, for advice or any help you may need.