As stated in “Leading the League” November focusses on fulfillment, “To fully realize the League as gift.”  I can attest to that. It was my pleasure recently to bring greetings from the Provincial Council to St. Patrick’s council in Maple Ridge at their 80th Anniversary and to St. Patrick’s council in Campbell River at their 70th Anniversary.  I encourage councils to invite Diocesan Presidents and/or members of the Provincial Executive to their celebration of these milestones.

A certificate can be downloaded from the national website for these presentations or you can design your own.  Congratulations were expressed in the Fall League magazine to St. Mary’s Council in Cranbrook for their 90th anniversary and to Church of the Ascension CWL Council in Parksville on their 80th anniversary.  It is so uplifting to celebrate these achievements!

New Provincial Theme

Thank you for your confirmation of our new provincial theme – Witnessing to the Truth. In our turbulent time of threats to the environment, wars, poverty and hunger, persecutions, the rich growing richer and the poor becoming poorer… we need to speak the truth. In John 8:31-32 Jesus said to those who believed in him: “If you obey my teaching, you are really my disciples, you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” In Ps 50:4 God calls heaven and earth as witnesses.  God’s will is the gospel being shared by his disciples to the ends of the earth.  By sending us the Holy Spirit, God inspires us to do his will and to be his witnesses.  The Catholic Women’s League empowers us to this call. Our Mission Statement calls the members to grow in faith and to witness to the love of God through ministry and service.

Diocesan Conventions

If you are planning to invite your provincial president, or her designate, to attend and give a workshop at your diocesan convention, now is the time to do it.  See section 4.2 in the Provincial P&P.  One invitation has already been received and accepted. You may send your invitation as an attachment to your email. It also helps if you can give details of the activities expected from her, as there are some variations in the proceedings depending on which diocese she attends. For example, all dioceses expect her to bring greetings at the Opening Mass, but only some expect her to give comments at the close of the business session. The workshop usually addresses several concerns voiced in the annual reports.

Presentation to the Seminarians

Thank you to Catherine on following up on the suggestion to give a presentation about the CWL to the seminarians in Mission.  She states that it was successful and that she was able to answer their questions.  She will report on this at our Spring midterm meeting.


Blanca Stead has invited two former Provincial Executive members to be on her Christian Family Life subcommittee! This is a good way to involve members and prepare them to take a leadership role in the future.  By going on the website, she suggested, I followed up on the information that she supplied in her communique #1 about the “Prime Minister Youth Council”.  Applications are still open until November 30, 2018.  It would be good to have some Catholic youth involvement to give their input to the Prime Minister.

Victoria Diocesan’s Communique #3

In light of the recent sexual abuse in Pennsylvania Christa offers in her last communique the “Liturgy of Anger and Tears” prayer service to all.  It can be downloaded from their website (  Thanks to Christa and her team for this powerful prayer service.  It will be offered to national at the meeting this week.

Struggling Councils

Gemma from Prince George encourages all councils to help each other.  One suggestion is for a stronger council in your diocese to partner with a struggling council to offer prayer and support.

Bill C-36

In the October 29th issue of the BC Catholic Sister Nancy Brown featured an article about the importance to speak to your MPs, local councillor, mayor and police force to ensure the PCEP (Protection of Communities and Exploited Persons) Act remains and is consistently enforced throughout Canada.  She states that “the resolution put forward by the young liberals of Canada with regard to the abrogation of this act in April 2018 was alarming and disheartening”.

Bill C-36 will come up for review in 2019, so it is crucial to act and keep writing letters.

Meeting of National Executive Nov. 16-18, 2018

If you have any concerns you would like me to take to the Provincial Presidents` Roundtable let me know as soon as possible.

God bless,

Gisela Montague

Provincial President