“Jesus, even more than your first disciples, we are weak in faith.  We need prayer, watchfulness, sincerity and truth.  That is how our faith can grow”.

Taken from The Way of the Cross with Pope Francis 2016

Already this week we will celebrate Ash Wednesday, the beginning of Lent. I thank Catherine L’Heureux for her “Lenten Memo” to all.

Diocesan Conventions

This is a busy time for the Diocesan presidents to prepare for diocesan conventions.  Our P&P states under 2.6: “The BC & Yukon provincial president is to be invited to diocesan conventions.  She or her representative will present a workshop when attending a diocesan convention and will bring greetings on behalf of the provincial council.”  Invitations have come forward – Sharon Geiger will attend the Vancouver diocesan convention, Sylvia the Kamloops diocesan convention, Sharon Ciebin will attend the Victoria diocesan convention and I will be at the Nelson and Prince George diocesan conventions.  You can read more on the “Protocol for Diocesan Presidents re Provincial President” item 4.2 in our P&P.

Development and Peace

Recognizing that the 2019 Share Lent Campaign will begin on March 6th, the national executive advises League members and councils inquiring about participating to contact their diocesan chancery office as each bishop has made his own decision regarding participation in the 2019 campaign in his diocese.

Please note that the national executive of The Catholic Women’s League of Canada has suspended the League’s 1% Program, the national voluntary fund that supports D&P until the audit is completed by the CCCB. No monies are being collected at this time.

Mary Wagner video on YouTube

We are happy to announce that the video commissioned by the Provincial Council is now available on YouTube.  You can show it at meetings and/or offer it to your parishioners to watch, duration is 30 minutes.

Follow it on this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XzisPyNpkh8&t=59s

Implementation of the Strategic Plan

The national executive has approved the implementation committee’s proposed rollout for addressing all 50 strategies over the next five-year period.  To allow the committee the full five years with which to reach its targets, the five-year rollout has begun effective March 1, 2019 and will continue until February 28, 2024.

Three working groups will be populated by Spring 2019.  The first group is tasked with implementing three strategies: increasing awareness of the League within the church through marketing. The second group is tasked with implementing two strategies: including and affirming members and validating all members.  The third group is tasked with implementing six strategies: reorganizing, reducing the number of standing committees to three to align with the core values of faith, service and social justice; streamlining executive offices at all levels and creating distinctive roles for each level; examining the current levels of the League’ simplifying procedures and reporting processes; and enhancing the role of the standing committee chairperson from a reporting role to rotating the meeting program among them.  Information on progress will be communicated via Facebook, the national website, communiques from the national chairperson of communications, The Canadian League magazine, parish council mailings and PowerPoint presentations designed by the implementation committee.

  1. Members are invited to apply to be on one of the working groups. More information will soon be published on cwl.ca and on the League’s Facebook page.
  2. Councils are advised to pray for the working groups and to allow time for the groups to formulate action plans what will achieve their strategies.
  3. Councils are discouraged from acting in isolation as the implementation committee works to complete its mandate and offer transformation and consistent programming that will be applicable across Canada.

“Prudence does not mean failing to accept responsibilities and postponing decisions; it means being committed to making joint decisions after pondering responsibly the road to be taken”.

(Pope Benedict XVI)

Revisions to the National Manual of Policy and Procedure

Decisions were made to enhance and clarify the procedures for affiliating or cooperating with other groups, life member nominations, important decisions surrounding reactivating parish councils, acknowledging treaty territory before meetings, oral reporting guidelines, and retaining accounting records.  The full wording of revisions will be available on the national website on March 25th.   Once published, please download the new version of the P&P.

God bless,
Gisela Montague