New Diocesan Presidents

Welcome to our new diocesan presidents, Diane Nadeau of Kamloops, Sylvia DeSousa of Prince George and Barbara Renaud of Vancouver.  May your courageous commitment to leadership be an inspiration to all and may it strengthen the work of the Catholic Women’s League as we plan strategically for the future of our beloved League.

Diocesan Conventions

In the last two weeks I attended the diocesan convention in Prince George and Castlegar (Nelson Diocese). I must commend the presidents and members for the warm welcome and kindnesses I received, along with many interesting and spiritual presentations.  My appreciation goes out to Sylvia Jurys for attending the Kamloops diocesan convention and Sharon Geiger for attending the Vancouver diocesan convention. Representing the provincial council, both presented the provincial workshop on Saints and how they can help us in our work for the CWL.  Thank you also to Sharon Ciebin for attending the Victoria Diocesan convention in Campbell River where she presented the update on the Implementation Strategy.

Thank you to Catherine L’Heureux for deputizing for me at the Knights of Columbus State Dinner and Convention in Richmond by bringing greetings from the Provincial Council.

This year many events happened on the same dates.

Mary Wagner video on YouTube

We are happy to announce that the video commissioned by the Provincial Council is now available on YouTube.  You can show it at meetings and/or offer it to your parishioners to watch. Duration is 30 minutes. Follow it on this link:

To date we have had 83 hits, not bad for a private YouTube link!

Provincial Convention Nanaimo June 13-15.

With a month to go, the registration numbers for the Nanaimo convention are not as high as expected. The deadline of May 15th is fast approaching, and I hope that many more of our members will consider attending the provincial convention.

Christa Grillmair, Catherine Genge and Agnes Geiger and their team have worked hard this past year for your arrival at this convention.

Doreen Gowans will represent Anne Marie Gorman from the national level and Nancy Simms will be our parliamentarian.

We will have six resolutions if they all pass the provincial review stage and reach the convention floor.

Amber Zolc from Catholic Christian Outreach will inspire us on our provincial theme of “Witnessing to the Truth”, Alissa Golob, Co-Founder of Right Now will speak on “How to elect Pro-Life Politicians”, and our own Sharon Ciebin will enlighten us on the update of the National Implementation Committee.

On Saturday Bishop Gary Gordon along with Joan Brown and several First Nations members will be discussing “Sensible Belonging” and finally Anna Hudson from BC Association of Community Response Networks will bring us information on community response to provide help for adults experiencing or at risk of experiencing abuse, neglect and self-neglect.

Don’t forget the Dinner and Dance at Friday evening’s beach party!

May Our Lady of Good Counsel be with us as we prepare to come together for our provincial convention.

God bless,