New Provincial Website

How exciting it is to announce that our new provincial website is now available to all. To access it just use the same address as before  You can also key it through Google. Once you have visited the site, it is recommended that you bookmark the link. There are still a few wrinkles to be ironed out but our webmaster and communications chair hope to have the problems corrected soon. Any further corrections can be passed on to Laura at our spring mid-term meeting. My compliments to Sharon Ciebin our provincial Community Life chair, and Sylvia Jurys Nelson Diocesan president  who collaborated for many months to get this project off the ground.

Directors’ and Officers’ Insurance

The timing was right for two diocesan councils to take advantage of the much lower Directors’ and Officers’ insurance rates for 2018. More would have liked to participate, but this would have meant dissolving previous arrangements and incurring penalties. All diocesan councils plus the provincial council will be happy to join next year. For most, this will be a saving of over $400. If your council will have a new treasurer installed at your convention, please ensure that one of the first things she does is to contact the provincial treasurer for the required dates and criteria for making a successful application. Also some diocesan budgets will be affected. The process is simple, but if you encounter any difficulty our provincial treasurer will be happy to guide you through.

Congratulations to Ontario’s new provincial president who pursued the issue of a cheaper “blanket” insurance for diocesan and provincial councils and brought it to a successful conclusion, another benefit of belonging to this amazing sisterhood.

2017 Annual Reports-Changed Deadline

This year more time was needed at National Office to complete the collating, charting and formatting of information from the parish annual reports. This means that your diocesan chairpersons should have their reports to you by March 15th, and I will expect all your reports by March 31st, or earlier if possible.

Your Diocesan Conventions

Formal invitations to diocesan conventions have been arriving along with requests for a provincial workshop. If you have not sent in your formal request, please re-read the section in my Communique #5 which outlines the information your invitation should contain.

Provincial Workshop 2018

The workshops that Provincial Council presents at your diocesan conventions are usually inspired by the information contained in your annual reports, especially your stated needs, challenges, and concerns.  However if something arises after your annual reports have been sent in, please let us know, for there may still be time to incorporate it into this year’s workshop. Members who attend our workshops often leave feeling rejuvenated and refocused. Presenters too are buoyed by the interest and resolve which result from these encounters.  So it’s a win-win situation, and we all enjoy those! If we run out of time for all questions from the floor, our question box will be available, and answers will be supplied as soon as possible.

Whitehorse Provincial Convention June 21-23-Update

His Excellency Bishop Hector Vila is planning on attending all the Masses associated with the convention and may also be able to attend some of the presentations. Father Slawek, Rector of Sacred Heart Cathedral has agreed to incorporate two provincial traditions at Friday’s Mass: the special collection and the Roll of Deceased Members.

For those who intend to spend a few extra days in the Whitehorse area, hosting President, Carol Vanderbyl and her council are preparing a list of attractions along with information about campsites. So keep checking our provincial website for details. The convention hotels have already received several bookings, so don’t leave it too late to book your room! Also remember to use the CWL code when booking, and do check into the special subsidies which are available and now posted on our website.

BC & Yukon Provincial Elections June 23, 2018

Those promised letters have arrived! Our industrious Past President Pat Deppiesse sent out letters January 10th inviting all eligible candidates to put their names forward for nomination to our 2018-2020 provincial council.  If the idea of being a leader is attractive to you, and even if it isn’t, I encourage you to run. You will be pleasantly surprised at what you can accomplish, and how many members you can inspire to take on projects beneficial to parish, local, national and even international levels.

National Executive Meeting February 16,17

This is a further reminder that: if you have any concerns or questions you would like me to take to the upcoming Provincial Presidents` Roundtable, and/or the meeting of whole National Executive, please send them to me as soon as possible.

Before closing, I hope you will keep the small but stalwart band of members in Whitehorse in your prayers.

Dear Lord,

May our Whitehorse convention be enriched by the presence of many league members,

May we learn much, and pray lots with and for our League sisters in the North,

May our resolutions show our deep caring for the less fortunate and may our subsequent actions benefit our province and our country,

May we eat, drink and dance in moderation, (I overdid the dancing last year!)

May we bring home a joyful heart and share its cause with those who were unable to attend.