New Diocesan Presidents

Welcome to our new diocesan presidents, Christa Grillmair of Victoria and Debbie Cloutier of Nelson! Your commitment and courage in aspiring to leadership  are an inspiration to all, and  your many talents will further strengthen the work for God and Canada in your dioceses. Please keep former Victoria president, Maureen Ingram in your prayers as she recovers from surgery.

Your Diocesan Conventions

During April and May I attended four diocesan conventions in our province. I must commend all presidents and members for the warm welcome and many kindnesses I received, along with a great education on so many issues. Beginning in Quesnel (Kamloops diocese), then Smithers (Prince George diocese), followed by Surrey (Vancouver archdiocese) and last of all Penticton (Nelson diocese), I came away enriched  beyond measure. Over the course of my term I have attended and presented workshops in five of our dioceses, and before I “retire” I will have experienced the sixth, our provincial convention in the diocese of Whitehorse. Serving as provincial president entitles one to many “perks”, but being able to attend your diocesan conventions and meet the “grass roots” has to rank with the very best of them. Please note that the word “retire” is in inverted commas. In my future role as past president I hope to give the same strong support to my successor as I received throughout my term from my past president Pat Deppiesse.

Petition of One Million 2019

As I travelled around the province it was obvious that not all councils had yet participated in this prolife project. Some councils may have delayed getting on board in order to make one big effort at another time of year, but I would encourage you to run the petition as soon as possible in your council, in your parish with your pastor’s permission, and in your wider community. Thank you to Nanaimo and Westbank who have already sent in their signatures. In addition I urge you to go to where you will find much information and assistance in running the petition.  Click on SIGN PETITION, then scroll down to WHAT YOU CAN DO where, for example, you will find useful ideas for running a Petition Sunday.

LM Jakki Jeffs also asks for your prayers “that God will accept our petition as He did the loaves and fish and do something wonderful.” She can supply posters and postcards at no cost to any councils wanting them and she is also available to attend  functions and speak about the project.

Provincial Convention-Whitehorse June 21-23.

With a month to go, the registration numbers for the Whitehorse convention are not as high as expected.  I am hoping that in the next few weeks more of our members will consider attending. This would be a wonderful opportunity to show support for our League sisters in the north, to affirm and further inspire their work for God and Canada, and to be educated about pressing current issues.

We do want to give our out-going Spiritual Advisor, Father Edwin, a rousing farewell while offering a warm welcome to his successor, Fr. David John, who will be installed at the closing Mass. The title of Father Edwin’s final spiritual presentation is “Peace of Mind”. Once again our national president will be in attendance with an update on strategic planning and a much anticipated workshop. Alex Schadenberg will have a display table of educational materials which we can use to help in our campaign to prevent euthanasia and assisted suicide from infiltrating our hospices and palliative care facilities. In his informative talk he will include clips from Euthanasia Protection Coalition’s latest film, “Fatal Flaws”. Maria Campos-Mendez will address the Faith of Immigrants and promote her books. Prolife activist Mary Wagner will be featured in a video explaining her ministry to save the lives of the unborn. Jenny Shaw will attest to the Amazing Sisterhood of our league, which she experienced while camping in the Yukon. There will be an election and installation ceremony for our new provincial council, and even more excitement if all seven diocesan resolutions pass the provincial review stage and reach the convention floor!

If you have been told that the reserved blocks of CWL rooms at the two convention hotels are fully booked, do enquire about other rooms which may be available at a slightly higher rate. You can also check out some of the other hotels in the area.  Cancellations are another avenue to investigate. I recently heard of a room at one convention hotel that was being cancelled.

Provincial Election June 23, 2018

The voting delegates are the six diocesan presidents who will be exercising their instructed vote for the election of the new provincial executive. If a second or further ballot is required for any position, the presidents are then free to vote for the nominee of their choice. For this reason it is important to be apprised of other candidates’ strengths and to have their name(s) at the ready in case you need to change your original choice.

Preparation for National Elections-Nomination form

At our pre-convention meeting 2018 we (Provincial officers and chairpersons and Diocesan presidents) will be discussing and selecting members’ names from the Acceptance List to provide our incoming provincial president with an instructed vote to take to this year’s national convention. I will be forwarding the Acceptance List and resumés to our provincial executive in Memo #6 following this communiqué. Please study the resumés of the listed candidates prior to our meeting, and come prepared to offer any additional comments about your past experiences with any of your counterparts named in the list.

“Serious consideration and discussion should be given to nominating members on the Acceptance List who have demonstrated a genuine desire to carry out their responsibilities for the good of the League, by the leadership they bring to the tasks entrusted to them and on their past record of service to the League.”

The above quotation is only one of ten instructions listed under the heading Nominations Form Completion by Province. We need to familiarize ourselves with all ten of them. (National P&P-p,106).

Distribution of 2018 Workshop -“Chocks Away”

This power point provincial workshop was well received at the four diocesan conventions I attended. Watch for memos #7 & #8 which will shortly follow this communique.

(a)  Memo #7 has the two workshop documents attached. These should be circulated to all your parish councils as soon as possible so that members unable to attend their diocesan conventions can be reminded of the importance of following up on those action plans. (Please note that Victoria diocese is exempt from this request. I am hoping that the workshop will be presented at your next diocesan mid-term meeting.)

(b) Memo #8 will include topics suitable for future resolutions which were gathered after our 2018 diocesan convention discussions. Please forward directly to all parish councils for their perusal and consideration.

Submissions to Government Wanted –Time Sensitive

I want to reiterate the importance of responding to the Canadian Government’s request for your input as they prepare a framework on Palliative Care for Canadians. Go to the Government of Canada website. Find Consultation on Palliative Care, and use any of the three options (online, emailed attachments, hard copy letters) to submit your thoughts and opinions. We have many healthcare workers in our organization with a wealth of lived-experience in palliative care and hospice. This is your chance to have your say in matters which have been a concern of our League for several years.

Topics include:

  • Definition of Palliative Care
  • Advance Care Planning
  • Person and Family-Centred Care
  • Challenges facing people living with life-threatening illness
  • Consistent access to palliative care
  • Special populations
  • HealthCare provider education, training and supports
  • Caregiver training and supports
  • Community Engagement
  • Bereavement

You have until July 13th, 2018 to send in your submission.

May God bless you all,