The Whitehorse convention is almost upon us, bringing a flurry of emails  and memos dealing with preparations for this exciting event. Our prayers are with President Carol and her small dedicated team!

A Memorable Life Member

As we were in the final planning stages for the Whitehorse convention, I received word that the  funeral rites of recently deceased Life Member Marjorie Miller would be taking place in the Vancouver Archdiocese. Under normal circumstances a representative of our provincial executive would be present at the service, take part in the Honour Guard and offer a verbal tribute. However the service, reception and interment take place while we are all in Whitehorse for the start of our convention. The president of Immaculate Conception, Delta has been contacted and has kindly agreed to help. Prayers for Marjorie are set for Wednesday 20th June at 8 pm at Immaculate Conception, Delta.  On June 21st her 10:30 am funeral Mass will be in the same church. Later at 2 pm the interment will be at St. Mary’s Cemetery, Promontory Rd. Chilliwack.  Be assured that a tribute will be composed and arrangements are now underway to find someone to deliver our CWL tribute. A copy will also be sent to the family. You can learn more about Marjorie by reading her story in  A Journey of Memories, the personal stories of BC & Yukon, Provincial Life Members edited by LM Thelma Varcoe. Every council should have a copy in your archives. Please pray for the repose of Marjorie’s soul.

Late Extra-Supreme Court decisions re Trinity Western Law School

 We should all take time to read these two rulings by the Supreme Court of Canada, and consider their implications. Go to and scroll down to Recent Additions. You can also find some early observations about the rulings at

Government Website

 This is a last reminder that the Consultation on Palliative Care will continue until July 13th,  and is open to all. Your concerns and suggestions regarding current and future palliative care services are welcomed. You can reply online, use an email attachment or mail hard copy letters with your responses. Most regular monthly meetings are suspended for the summer, but a memo sent to all parish councils suggesting that a notice be put in the parish bulletin concerning the consultation would ensure more participation from knowledgeable members and parishioners alike. Go to

Preparation for National Convention August 12-15, 2018

Once again we are expecting a good turn-out of BC &Y members in Winnipeg for  the final convention of summer, a culmination of our yearly activities with faith, fun and fulfilment at the forefront. All attendees are looking forward to hearing about the progress of our Strategically Planning program and participating with members from all across Canada in the Resolutions Dialogue and ensuing debates. The chairpersons’ lunches are very educational and, not only helpful for those presently serving in this capacity, but also for those who haven’t yet taken the plunge!  The election of a new National Executive adds to the excitement of the event. This is the time when the instructed vote containing the nominations gathered at our provincial pre-convention meeting, are activated by our new provincial president. Another item of interest is the installation of Bishop Stephen Jensen as the new National Spiritual Advisor.

It will also be Gisela’s first experience of being part of this august body, one I know she will enjoy, and to which she will bring her many talents and expertise, as she represents all members of BC & Yukon, and adds to the strong record of her BC and Yukon predecessors. We are so proud of all she has accomplished as President-elect.

I know that many of you cannot attend this event, but I trust you will be present in spirit and pray for its success.

Another Fulfilling Year 

Before closing, I request you convey my thanks to all your parish counterparts for all their efforts to support our league’s objectives, most notably in protecting the sanctity of human life, in upholding and defending Christian education and values in the modern world, and in recognizing the human dignity of all people everywhere. Your participation in palliative care and hospice initiatives, and your efforts addressing the scourge of human trafficking have been impressive.  There is still much to do in educating the public about the Protection of Communities and Exploited Persons’ Act (PCEPA), but we have made a strong start.

Our Summer Break

As committed members of the league we work extremely hard to  live up to our mission statement, but we also need to take some time to relax, and what better time than summer to indulge in some of our favorite pastimes.  This summer my community is hosting two wonderful music festivals: PRISMA our annual orchestral summer academy and KATHAUMIXW our “every-even-year” international choral festival. One of my favorite pastimes is to attend these events. So to prepare myself for these celebrations I will conclude with some lines from Psalm 150:

“Praise God in his sanctuary…praise Him with the bray of the trumpet, praise Him with harp and zither.

Praise Him with the tambour and the dance, praise Him with the music of string and reed.

Praise Him with the clang of the cymbals, the cymbals that ring merrily.

All creatures that have breath, praise the Lord. Alleluia.

May God bless you all.  Evelyn