Last year I spoke of the challenges and benefits accompanying the presidency and how the Holy Spirit inspired my officers and chairpersons to work as a team, providing strong support when needed, something which happened fairly frequently this year too.

The difference this year was that during April and May I was able to attend four diocesan conventions. What gifts they were! Themes across the province included: “Live by the Spirit, Walk by the Spirit”, “with justice, love and peace”, “Gifted by His grace”, “Here I am, Send me.” and “Here I am.”

Members were educated on a variety of relevant topics: Mental Health, On-line Fraud and Scams, Euthanasia, Assisted Suicide, Rachel’s Vineyard, Walking Meditations, Sancta Maria House, Spirit of Reconciliation, Catholic Missions in Canada as well as those encountered in seven resolution discussions.
Our provincial workshop “Chocks Away” was well received, another project which benefited from teamwork in its initial stages, but mostly the work of my President-elect, Gisela Montague, who rode with the ideas, organized them into a cohesive whole and searched out relevant examples. I am pleased to report that our fifth diocesan council has requested it for their fall mid-term meeting, and as soon as our sixth diocese has recovered from the convention, Carol will be able to share it with her members.

What a privilege it was for me to attend your diocesan conventions, to be among so many women committed to the objects of our league, to be warmly welcomed, to have every need granted, to hear so many reports of the good deeds accomplished by chairpersons striving to fulfill the League’s mission, to have a lot of fun in the process, and even have my wardrobe improved! Five dioceses hosted Roxanne McDonald who presented a well-organized national Strategic Planning workshop allowing attendees’ input into League restructuring. For those who were unable to attend, you can still have input. Go to, a site which is open until July 18th.

Once again I travelled on a chartered bus to represent you at March for Life in Victoria. Bright sunshine after Mass changed to a downpour after Bishop Gary’s talk near the legislature. Headed by Susan Steiner CFL chairperson, I joined the rest of our provincial contingent walking alongside our banner which was proudly carried aloft by two students from Archbishop Carney School. I was kindly billeted in Courtenay by Christ the King’s president, Mary Nicholas for an extra night when the last ferry of the day was missed.
No doubt the highlight this year was being part of the delegation presenting our resolutions to members of the Legislature.

I close my report expressing the hope that our theme, “Leading with Courage” will continue to inspire our BC & Yukon members. The recent rulings of the Supreme Court of Canada concerning Trinity Western have posed yet another threat to our religious freedom, and if we desire to retain and uphold our league’s 7th object*, we will need to be a league enriched with courageous women. Are you one of them?

*To uphold and defend Christian education and values in the modern world.”.