“You’ve got what it takes to change this world not because of anything you do, but because of what God can and does do through you.”

Dan Dematte, Holiness Revolution.  

 The quote I have chosen above reminds me of the Gift of the League and how, by taking action on her objectives, each of us affects change in Canada and the world.  It reminds me that through God all things are possible.

I usually address my communiques to the Diocesan Resolution chairpersons for their action, but this time I am addressing the Diocesan Presidents and all who are reading this.  Each of us provides the gift of service to the League by sharing our time and talents.  We all realize that without the members’ active participation the mission of the League would not be accomplished. As committed members and leaders, we are also aware of the power and influence our resolutions and follow up have affected change in our Province, Canada and beyond (affiliation with WUCWO).

We are at the time of year when the dignity and human rights of all citizens must be forefront in the minds of our members as they create their resolutions.  As leaders we need to offer our support, encouragement and guidance to members in our parish councils.  The Chocks Away workshop, prepared and presented by Evelyn Rigby and Gisela Montague all over our Province, educated and excited our members.  Women learned how they can take an everyday issue and turn it into a resolution, the mystery was removed.  The women were so engaged and appreciative at my Diocesan Convention, many resolution ideas were generated, and women were enthusiastic at the idea of writing one.  At our Provincial Convention in Whitehorse we all experienced the participative Resolution Dialogue and convention floor engagement.  I heard that one young woman was going to be writing a few.  We cannot and must not let this momentum die.

On page sixty-seven of the Executive Handbook under the Research & Preparation of Resolutions and Briefs we read that as chairs we need to:

  • Become Aware of an issue –

This is where we all need to be fully engaged with the members at our parish councils.  Are we encouraging and supporting them in their ideas and concerns.  Many parish councils do not have a resolutions chair.  I am positive the parish council president would welcome your assistance.  It is alright if we do not feel we have all of the answers.  We are a team and we will provide support to each other.

  • Discuss Issues

We need to continually highlight issues that arise in our communities and country, at our parish council meetings, in our communiques and diocesan meetings.  In my Communique #2 I asked each diocese to send me the issues affecting them.  I received a response from two diocese – Kamloops members raised an amazing 21 areas.  Is there a resolution covering every one of their concerns?

  • Form an ad hoc committee

The biggest benefit of being a leader in the League is that we are never alone.  We always have women who have gone before us and have vast amounts of wisdom and knowledge to share, no matter our need.

As Resolution Chairs, I realize that we do not all have the experience or knowledge that we would like, and the responsibility of this committee may seem daunting.  I encourage each of you to select one or two experienced women to assist you with this committee during your term.  If you are struggling with identifying members in your diocese, I would be happy to assist you.

Cathy Bouchard, our National Chairperson, in her January 17th communique, shared that a committee has been struck to look at areas of improvements in the presentation of resolutions on the convention floor as well as updates to the Resolution Supplement to the Executive Handbook.

I will be highlighting the changes in my next communique.  The recommended changes will be rolled out at our 2019 National Convention.  If you are planning to attend, it is advisable to attend the Resolution Dialogue to become educated.

Meeting with our Provincial Government

Our government is back in session in early February and I will again be contacting to arrange a meeting.  We have many issues in our Legislature these days, but I promise not to let this affect me.  I will also be studying all the areas identified by our Nelson and Kamloops Diocese in order to present appropriate resolutions.

Action Plans for Resolutions

Please ensure that our members continue to study and take appropriate action on current Resolutions.  Through personal experience I have learned the power our actions have.

The Summer Jobs Attestation Program has been updated for 2019 and our Bishops have issued a statement, which is located on their website.

If I do not hear back from you about the titles of resolutions by February 8th, I will be following up with you.

“God wants to use you in amazing ways! Will you let him?”

Dan Dematte, Holiness Revolution

Sharon Ciebin
Chairperson of Resolutions