The adventure of salvation begins when we stop asking “What’s in it for me?” and turn humbly to God in our hearts and ask “How may I serve”
– Matthew Kelly Rediscover Catholicism

As we reflect on the four advent themes of Hope, Faith, Joy and Love, and the mission of The Catholic Women’s League, especially the resolutions process, may we find peace in knowing that we are where God has called us.

As you know, we are living through an exciting time of renewal in the League with the implementation of the Strategic Plan and changes to the resolution process. Resolutions will continue to play a vital role as one of three pillars – social justice, in the League of the future. Changes to the resolution process experienced at the 2019 national convention have now been approved by the national executive and I attach the recently updated Resolution Supplement for your information and use.

Resolution Committee
As committed leaders, we know the importance of educating our members on both the writing and taking action on resolutions. While there are numerous resources available to members such as the Resolution Supplement, Letter Writing Guide and resolutions themselves, many misconceptions exist due to the fact that councils do not have a Resolution Chair. We need to educate and change this mindset. As a member of the Implementation Committee, I have heard from hundreds of councils, including all areas in BC, who are desperately looking for how to engage their members. Members need activity, either by prayer or action in service, to know that they are making a difference in the lives of others. We have only to look at all of the beautiful outpouring of love over the Christmas season to know what I am saying to be true. Resolutions hold the key to a council’s success, as hearts and minds are changed through research and action by members

Wishing to support each of you through this time of change, which can be difficult and stressful, my goal of creating a committee of experienced members who can provide guidance and support has been achieved. Women who hold a wealth of information and varied experiences; including service at the national level, life membership, resolutions chairs at parish, diocesan and provincial levels, diocesan presidents and many who have written numerous resolutions have willingly accepted to be part of our team. I introduce them to you now.

Nancy Simms – Kamloops, Barbara Jarvis – Chilliwack
Ann Devlin – Victoria area Lynne Langley – Quesnel
Gemma Gillis – Smithers Barbara Renaud – Maple Ridge
Christine Mason – Williams Lake Evelyn Rigby – Powell River

Gisela Montague, our Provincial President, will listen in as time permits.

As your provincial resolution chairperson, I will chair this committee and look forward to supporting all of you in your endeavors.

Resolutions for 2020

The primary goal of this committee is the study of updated changes to the Resolution Supplement as this is the guide which must be followed when writing a new resolution. Time is of the essence for new resolutions as they need the approval of their parish council, submitted to you at diocesan for your approval and presentation at convention. Once passed, if applicable, the resolution is then forwarded to provincial who will follow the same process. Diocesan conventions begin in mid-April.

It is my understanding from speaking to members of this new committee that we have resolutions being researched at this time!

I will be establishing a new conference call line for meetings. As a team we can use this for workshops, information sessions, etc. etc. All that is needed is a phone and/or a computer by our members, depending on what we are sharing. Technology is fantastic and I am very excited to be able to connect us with our membership no matter where they are located or their experience.

I trust you will be as excited, as I am, and will take advantage of this wonderful new resource.

The new committee will be meeting the first week of January. I would like to hold a conference call with you the week of January 13th to 17th to discuss the new processes and any assistance you would like from the team, i.e. holding workshops, information sessions, etc. etc.

Diocesan Presidents you are most welcome to attend the calls as well.

Please respond by Dec. 31st which day and time of day works best for you.

Additionally, I will need to have the titles of all resolutions being worked on by late February for forwarding to Cathy Buchard, our national resolution Chair.

Executive Handbook

Cathy Bouchard has asked for our input into the resolution section of the Executive Handbook, as this is being updated in 2020. If you have any input, please provide to me by Dec. 28th. Click on the link below to open the document.

May you experience the true meaning of Love, Peace and Joy this Advent and Christmas.

With Gratitude, love and prayers.

Sharon Ciebin
Chairperson of Resolutions