“Do not be dismayed by the brokenness of the world. All things break and all things can be mended. Not with time, as they say, but with intention. So, go, Love intentionally, extravagantly, unconditionally. The broken world waits in darkness for the light that is you.” L. R. Knost, author and social justice children’s rights activist.

As I write this communique September is upon us, with its promise of new beginnings. I hope you had time to appreciate God’s creation during the summer months. My quote speaks to the need for Light to be brought to the broken world and that is exactly what resolutions do. Members gain knowledge while writing and by taking action once they become league policy. God has called each of us to become leaders of Light and with his grace and the League’s numerous resources we have all the tools needed in our role as educators.

As we begin this term, we say goodbye to two valuable team members and welcome their successors. Lynne Langley, Kamloops Diocese and Erin Merth, Vancouver have ended their term and have been elected to new executive positions. We can look forward to benefitting from their experience.

We welcome Domenica Spina, Kamloops and Susan Mustard, Vancouver to our team. Returning this year is Caroline Ann-Alter, Nelson Diocese, Laura Esposito Prince George, Gerry Heywood, Victoria and Carol Vanderbyl, from Whitehorse.

As we begin to plan our goals for the year, I refer you to the Executive Handbook for a comprehensive description of our responsibilities along with the Resolution Supplement – Appendix 1, which provides guidance on the resolution process. For the most updated version I recommend using the national website www.cwl.ca To Organize tab – 600 Series Manuals. You will note that as chairs we are to hold a Resolutions Workshop at every level. Education of members is vital to our success in ensuring that we continue to speak for the marginalized in our communities, Canada and the world. Numerous workshops have been created and delivered over the years and you will find one under the 800 series workshops on the same site. Every diocese has members who would be willing to assist you with this. If you want to discuss a workshop or require any assistance please contact me, information below. Writing a resolution is important but also as important is following the action plan on active resolutions. Government officials need to hear from members on issues that are of interest to them and there is a Letter Writing Guide to ensure the correct protocol is followed. The guide is also located under the To Organize tab.

This year six resolutions were passed at our provincial convention and were forwarded to Cathy Bouchard, National Resolution Chair for consideration and presentation at the 99th national convention:

2019.01 Adverse Health Effects of Medically Induced Abortions: A Woman’s Right to be Informed
2019.02 Preeclampsia, Eclampsia, HELLP Syndrome
2019.03 Legal Protection to Children before Birth
2019.04 Legislate the Right to Refuse the Provision of Medical Assistance in Dying in Healthcare Facilities
2019.05 Continuing a Pregnancy until Birth: A Victimized Family’s Right
2019.06 Framework on Palliative Care in Canada

Resolution 2019.03 was accepted and became national resolution 2019.01 Canada to Honour its Commitment to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. This resolution was adopted and an update on status of all resolutions will be posted on the website soon.

National resolution 2019.02 Canadian Support for the United Nations Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons was adopted as well. You will find both resolutions by either year or standing committee on the national website at www.cwl.ca

Cathy Bouchard, tested a new process this year, at our National Convention in Calgary. The resolutions only contained the resolved clause, whereas clauses were removed, as the information is contained in the brief. Most discussions on the resolutions were held at the resolution dialogue, where members discussed the timeliness of the resolution and if it was an issue for the League. I look forward to hearing more about this process from Cathy.

Meeting with our Provincial Government

We have not visited the government since 2018 and I am working with them to arrange a meeting during their fall sittings. I will keep you updated. We have numerous issues to present to them.

Resolution Committee

Another goal of mine for this year is to have an active resolution committee with members from around our province. You will hear more on this in my next communique.

Again, welcome to our new members and to our returning members, thank you for your continued service. We are a team and I am here to offer you any assistance you need.

Remember we are the Light of the world and our actions change the world one person at a time.

God Bless

Sharon Ciebin
Chairperson of Resolutions