Dear Sisters and Father Edwin

I would like to welcome the newest members as Resolution Chairperson in their diocese:
Caroline Ann- Alter: (Nelson)
Gerry Haywood: (Victoria)
Thank you for saying “Yes” for God and Canada

Please remember to email your communiqués to each other as well as to the provincial resolutions chairperson.

I would like to thank the Kamloops, Nelson and Victoria dioceses for the gift of their resolutions that were received for review by the provincial resolutions review committee prior to the provincial convention.

It is so wonderful to see that members are working together to form resolutions. There are many concerns in our current society and members need to take action.

When resolutions are passed it is very important to complete the action plan.

In the Resolutions Supplement to the Executive Handbook it states:

An action plan is developed to implement action on the resolved clauses i.e. member to become aware…: invite speakers…: write letters…” become familiar with a particular law, publications, government stand etc. The action plan should support the objective of the resolution.

Resolutions are very important to write but the action plan after is just as important.

For example last year- 2017.02 Mandatory Age Verification Mechanisms for Adult Pornographic Websites

Did you contact members of Parliament, the minister Justice, and the Prime Minister requesting that legislation be created to ensure that adult websites verify the age of their users or encourage members to become educated on internet safety and responsible and appropriate technology or make members aware of the lack of age verification controls on adult website? Did you encourage them to speak to family members about the lack of age verification, and its possible effects on younger family members?

2017.03 Zero-Rated Status Under the Goods and Services tax Provisions of the Excise tax Act for Child Safety Products

Did you write letters to the federal government requesting the removal of the federal portion of tax from child safety products – invite a guest speaker to educate members on the requirements for the child safety products or hold a fundraiser for a local young mothers’ group to purchase safety products for those in need?

These are just a couple of examples of what members can do in their councils. If we don’t follow through on these action plans, then resolutions just become words on paper.

We are members that are heard if we speak up and do what needs to be done in our action plan. I know that we can do this and we need to have our voice heard loudly.

I am including a Memo from president Evelyn which lists topics of concern gathered from the workshop on “Chocks Away” at diocesan conventions. These can be used as resolution topics.

This is my last communiqué as resolution chairperson. It has been a very educational journey for the last two years and I have a new respect for resolutions and the process for preparing them for presentation to conventions and government.. Thank you for your support and to the many members who have been my mentors. I have enjoyed working with the dioceses and the women who have worked so hard to prepare resolutions. Keep up the good work and know that there is always a resolution to work on. So encourage each other to have your voices heard at all levels of elected representation.

May our Lady of Good Counsel guide you in all your works for God and Canada.

Sharon Geiger:  Provincial Resolutions Chairperson