What a journey these two years have been. My first reaction when Evelyn appointed me as the resolution chairperson was whoa …….. me as resolution chairperson! Fear came over me. What do I do now? I knew what resolutions were but not the in and outs. Many of you may have experienced this panic but I knew that I could get help from those who had this standing chair before me – my mentors. All of you have them and you need to count on them for help.

The first thing I did was go through the Resolutions Supplement to the Executive Handbook a few times. How many have seen it and how many councils have one? It is very important to have this as a resource for knowing how to write a resolution. I found it very helpful. I was facing a new challenge and it was very educational. I also prepared for a resolution workshop for a diocese, but unfortunately I wasn’t able to do it at the time. However, preparing it helped me learn even more.

Members asked me questions and now after 2 years I may be able to answer them but not at that time; back then, I had to look it up or ask my mentors.

I enjoyed preparing for the Resolution Dialogues at the provincial conventions.
It was interesting to see the members discuss and review the resolutions before the convention itself. This gave members a heads up on what resolutions would be coming to the floor at the convention.

The most challenging and perhaps most frightening and rewarding part of this standing committee was setting up and preparing for a Government meeting. In the end all went accordingly, and we were extremely well received.

This standing committee is very important to the running of the Catholic Women’s League. It gives our members a voice. I know you have heard that many times but I have seen it in action. We are respected and we are heard at all levels of government. The CWL members are welcomed by government to continue approaching all government officials.

Today I am glad that Evelyn gave me this standing chair to broaden my education of the League. I am grateful for this and for all the team behind me.