Life Member’s Fine Arts and Culture Award

Bursaries and Application Forms


The Life Member’s Fine Arts and Culture Award will be continued as long as there is enough in the Fund to award $500 to a successful applicant.
2. The Provincial Life Member Liaison will send out a letter to every LM in BC & Yukon at the beginning of September, inviting LMs to participate. Life Members should be advised to send a cheque to their Diocesan Life Member Liaison person – giving her the current name and address.

3. The cheques, for $15 for one year or $30 for two years should be made out to BC & Yukon Provincial Council of CWL and tagged “Life Member’s Fine Arts & Culture Award”.

4. The Diocesan LM Liaison will collect the cheques, keeping records as to who has submitted their $15 (or more) and follow up by phone to remind those who have not sent it yet, ensuring they still want to be involved. She will also keep records as to whether or not these members should be contacted in the future (for instance, if they no longer want to participate).

5. The LMs may wish to contribute a further amount for those who are no longer active. If they do so, they should explain in a note to the Diocesan Life Member Liaison.

6. The Diocesan LM Liaison will send the collected cheques to the current Provincial Treasurer on a regular basis.

7. The Provincial Treasurer will place the cheques in a separate general ledger entry. She will not need to keep any record of those members submitting or not submitting funds as this will be done by the Diocesan Life Member Liaison.

8. Upon receiving proof of registration for the courses, the Provincial Treasurer will forward a cheque directly to the post-secondary institution before December 31st of the year following the application.

9. Provincial Life Member Liaison is to be kept up to date from the Provincial Treasurer at the end of each year, at how much money is in the earmarked ledger for this award. This will help determine whether this award will be continuing as to # 1 of this guideline.

7.2 $500 Life Member’s Fine Arts & Culture Award

7.2.1 History

The $500 Life Member’s Fine Arts & Culture Award was established in 2008 by Life Member Thelma Varco. Thelma had just published a book entitled “A Journey of Memories” that contained the CWL journey stories of Life Members from the 1940s to the 1980s. Funds raised by the sale of these books became the foundation for the Life Member’s Fine Arts & Culture Award and is continued in an on-going basis through the initiative of the provincial Life Members collecting funds in September every year.

7.2.2 Evaluation and Presentation

The Award eligibility and selection is totally administered by a committee of Life Members. The Provincial Life Member Liaison will chair the Committee and will advertise the availability of the Award through the Provincial Education & Health Chairperson and circulate the forms at an appropriate time. The information and application forms will also be placed on the BC & Yukon website. The Provincial President is an ex-officio member of this Ad hoc committee.

When selecting the winner, the name of the Applicants and any information which would identify the Applicant must be removed so that the applications are anonymous to the committee members. The applications will be evaluated using a system of “points” awarded for each item that has been requested. This system makes the process impartial. The Award Committee decision is final. After the Award is presented, all applications and materials shall be disposed of carefully so as to protect the privacy of the applicants.

A certificate naming the recipient will be presented by the Provincial Life Member Liaison at the BC & Yukon provincial convention banquet. If the Provincial Life Member Liaison is unable to present, another Life Member will be asked to make the presentation.

Dinner tickets (2 only) for the recipient and her/his guest will be provided by the Life Member Award Fund. In the event the winner cannot attend the banquet, the Award will be presented to the diocesan president who will arrange for presentation to the winner at either a diocesan or parish council meeting.

The Award money will be given directly to the post-secondary institution, specifying to be deposited when recipient registers for classes. This must be done before December 31st of the year following the Application, or the Award will not be paid.

Any person applying for this Award may only receive the Award once.

In the event the Award is not used in the school year for which the money was received, it is to be returned to the Provincial Treasurer. The recipient may reapply the following year, however there is no guarantee that she/he will be accepted the second time.

An applicant may only apply for the Award twice.

7.2.3 Eligibility:

1. Applicant must be a High School Graduate.
2. Applicant must be a daughter and/or granddaughter or son and/or grandson of a Catholic Women’s League Member or a League member in good standing.
3. Applicant must be involved in and entering into further education in an accredited school in the field of Fine Arts & Culture (e.g., dance, voice, speech/drama, music, painting/art, design, etc.)

7.2.4 Documentation:

The following documentation is required:

1. Letter signed by Council President or Organization Chairperson to validate Mother, Grandmother, Guardian or League member is a member in good standing with the Catholic Women’s League.
2. Two (only) current letters of reference – 1 from high school and 1 from applicant’s (Catholic) Pastor.
3. Personal letter detailing goals and aspirations, career area chosen, reason for pursuing this career, summary of volunteer work, achievements, interests, and activities in the school, church and community, and outlining the need for the Award.
4. Information regarding family as in parents’ profession, number of siblings, financial situation, (not amount earned, rather ability to help defray education cost for applicant).

7.2.5 Submission:

Applications will be available through the Catholic Women’s League in your area. Please complete and mail the Application Form and other Required Documentation to:

Provincial Life Member Liaison
Look for address on the BC & Yukon CWL website
or contact your Diocesan President for updated mailing address.

All information must be submitted by March 31st.

Faxed material and Email submission will not be accepted.

7.2.6 Proof of Acceptance:

Successful Applicant must ensure that the ‘Proof of Acceptance’ is received before September 30th of the year of acceptance into the program; otherwise the Award will lapse.