Dear Sisters in the League:

Welcome to all Diocesan Recording Secretaries, whether you are in the first or second year of your term.
Anna Gilbert: Kamloops Diocese
Diane Cey: Nelson Diocese
Suzanne Lefebvre: Prince George Diocese
Theresa Weltzin: Vancouver Diocese
Nancy Horsfiel: Victoria Diocese
Monica Lauer: Whitehorse Diocese

I am very much looking forward to working with all of you. If, at any time, there are any questions or ways that I can assist you, please do not hesitate to ask.

In my first communique to you as your newly elected BC & Yukon Provincial Secretary, I would like to introduce myself and also provide you with some resources which may help you better fulfill your role, which is such an important one in the League.

It is an honour to have been elected to the position of BC & Yukon Provincial Secretary. When I first was elected to the Prince George Diocesan Council, after completing my term as Diocesan President, the first position I had was as Diocesan Secretary. At that point, did I ever learn the workings of the League better! Not only was I responsible for recording all the minutes of the meetings and conventions, but I also was able to reread the oral reports of all the executive officers and then summarize them for the minutes. This made me more aware of what transpires with each of the varied positions, broadened my knowledge and increased my love for all the League stands for. We belong to such an awesome organization. The new challenge for me will be recording information on a computer while people are speaking. I will need to brush up on my typing skills and practice recording information as people are speaking, perhaps by recording information while watching the news, or a documentary. Each new position has its own learning curve and I look forward to the challenge this one brings.

About Me:

I volunteer for a variety of organizations: serve on the Board of Directors for the Friends of the Library and Harbour Theatre, a local amateur theatre company. I am a lector in my parish and regularly make soup for our church’s weekly soup kitchen which feeds those less fortunate in our community.

I enjoy a variety of crafts and yearly, I, along with others in my parish knit and crotchet hats, scarves mitts and toques which are distributed to those who frequent out weekly soup kitchen. I am an avid reader. I belong to a book club which meets once a month and there I am challenged to read books which are sometimes outside of my comfort zone.

I love to travel and have travelled extensively in Europe, South America, Canada, United States, and northern Africa. The fact that I speak four languages (Italian, French, Spanish and English) has helped immensely when I have travelled.

I am a retired teacher, now helping out in our Catholic School whenever I am needed as a substitute teacher. Teaching is and never was a job for me, but a vocation and it is a blessing when I am called in.

Role of Recording Secretary and Resources

The role of the recording secretary is outlined in the Constitution and Bylaws 2013, Part XII, Section 4. The duties are also outlined in the Executive Handbook (May 2014) Section 15 which can be found on the National website under Resources. You are responsible for the recording and maintaining the minutes of all meetings. This is such a vital role especially for future references and archives.

Some councils, both at the diocesan and parish levels, may assign different duties to the secretarial position. Some will have both a recording secretary and a corresponding secretary, while others may have one person filling both roles. The Handbook for Secretaries deals with both these positions separately. (This can be downloaded from the national website). Please also refer to the Diocesan or Parish Policy and Procedure Manuals for responsibilities pertinent to your Council.

It is helpful, but not mandatory, if all secretaries have access to and are comfortable with using a computer. In this day and age where most information is delivered electronically, it is important that information is received and sent quickly.

Two other resources which may be helpful in your role are the National Manual of Policy and Procedure (available on the National website under Resources and Robert’s Rules of Order.

May our Lady of Good Counsel continue to bless us and guide us.

Ciao for now and God bless.

Laura Esposito