What glorious days we have experienced in the north in the last little while.  Cold, sunny, bright days bring smiles to faces and a brisk step to our walks.

Comprehensive Registers: Many parishes have undergone elections in the past couple of months and with the change of elected officers, some have been sending in their new registers to me and others have not.  I would like to request for you to email me the comprehensive registers from each of your dioceses so that I can cross-reference the information that I have received.  I especially need the contact information of each current parish president in BC & Yukon to facilitate the mail out I need to make to these presidents within the next four weeks in regards to the 2019 provincial convention  package .  My aim is to send out this package before March 12th and before I leave for the BC & Yukon provincial spring midterm scheduled for March 14 – 17, 2019.  Thank you.

Elections at Diocesan Conventions: As we approach the time when some dioceses will be having elections at their diocesan conventions later this spring, I ask that everyone pray that members will let their names stand for office so that we may achieve  full slates of officers.  The past Prince George diocesan president, Carmen Foucher, died earlier this fall and so our diocesan president, Gemma Gillis, asked if I would oversee the eligibility list in the Prince George diocese as I was diocesan president before Carmen.  My fervent prayer is that all who are eligible, from each diocese, will discern and say yes to this call.

The new National theme of Care for Our Common Home speaks volumes to me.  We need to be very vigilant in how we use all of the earth’s resources.  In my role as provincial secretary, I have especially been pondering how I can use less paper and still complete the tasks that come my way.  For instance, I find it difficult to edit things on the computer, finding it much easier to work from a hard copy.  However, this means more paper and ink being used.  A conundrum!  Where is the happy medium?  I suppose that if this is in the forefront of our thoughts, we do the best we can and in the end we will use less.  I certainly hope this is so!

On another note about resources, and due to the focus National has for the next year on Water I would like to relay the following.  The city of Prince Rupert, where I live, was put on a boil water advisory Dec. 14, 2018.  At first, we thought this was going to last a short while but it ended up going on for 6 weeks and we are now on a water quality alert which is indefinite.  We were asked to boil all drinking water and all water being used to wash vegetables, fruit etc. Never have I become so conscious of the way we take clean, running tap water so much for granted.  We turn on the tap and there it is!  Usually ….but not always!  Wherever I have lived, I have always gotten my water for drinking from the tap.

For those with compromised immune systems, babies and the elderly the city advised buying bottled water.  This created an immense number of plastic bottles being bought and used when it normally would not have been the case.

To put things into perspective, I really did not have it that bad!  I was able to boil the water I needed for veggies and fruit and buy the bottled water for drinking.  However, I wondered how larger families coped with the added expense this brought.  During this time also, my thoughts and prayers were especially with the communities that have this as a perennial problem and have had for so many years, especially some rural communities and communities in the northern parts of our provinces.  They live with the problem of tap water not being potable daily. They are continuously impacted with this.  What can each of us do to facilitate clean, potable tap water for all Canadians?

I draw your attention to three resolutions regarding water and the action plans which can be found on the National website.

2001.04 Water Quality in Canada
2004.07 Water Use in Canada.
2005.06 Developing Countries and Water.

There are also others which indirectly impact the quality of water:

2008.03 Toxic Substances in Household Products
2015.02 Ban Microbeads in Personal Care Products
2015.03 Banning the Use of Neonicotinoid Pesticides
2018.03 Setting a Standard for Products that are Flushable.

There are other resolutions which deal with other resources.  Let us choose one that speaks to our heart and do what we can to lessen the footprint left on our planet Earth.

Do you have any suggestions as to what we can do in our role as secretaries?  I welcome them wholeheartedly.

May our Lady of Good Counsel guide each of our actions daily and may our actions be a blessing to everyone we meet.

Ciao for now and God bless. Laura Esposito