I wished for you a joy-filled, spiritual Easter.  As you gathered with family and friends I hope your time was filled with fun, faith, fellowship and laughter.  May these next fifty days of Pentecost be inspirational for each of you!

Parish and Diocesan Registers: It is really imperative that the provincial secretary (that is me) has the registers for the diocesan executive as soon after the diocesan conventions as possible to ensure that all information (communiques, memos, etc.) is sent to the correct person, especially the newly elected officers.  It is also imperative that she has the parish registers as soon as possible after parish council elections.  Am I mistaken in thinking that most parish councils have their elections either at the very end of the year (Dec) or at the latest January or February?   I ask this because as of the writing of this communique, I am still receiving parish registers from some parish councils.  I have received them in dribs and drabs from January 1st to the present including having received about fifteen in April.  As per the Provincial Policy and Procedure Manual, the provincial secretary needs to send out the convention packages by March 15th each year and to ensure that she is sending it out to the correct person, especially parish presidents, she needs the parish registers by the end of February.  I respectfully ask that for next year, this be adhered to please.  Thank you.

Motions Book: Every secretary should maintain a Motions Book to grant easy access to decisions made in the past. Each list of motions from a meeting should include the date of the meeting. I draw your attention to this since it became very apparent when I received the annual reports from the diocesan secretaries, that many parishes do not maintain a motions book.

How are you doing with the National theme of Care for our Common Home? Since my last communique Feb 12, 2019, the amount of paper I use in fulfilling the job of provincial secretary has been at the forefront of my thoughts.  I have been able to secure paper (from a couple of sources) that would ordinarily go into the recycling bin, (especially when one side only has been used) and asked that it be put aside for me.  This paper I use when I need to print something that I need to have on hard copy because I am editing it.  After I am finished with it, then I shred it and put it in the recycling bin. I hope that in this way I am doing my part.  Does anyone have any other ideas?  In terms of water, I have begun to use tap water more, even though my city is still on a water quality advisory alert.  I have not had any gastric issues and for this I am very thankful.

My prayers go out to each diocese as they begin their diocesan conventions- that each member attending finds an increased amount of fun, faith and fellowship through each person they meet.

I leave you with two quotes which Sharon Ciebin used in her Resolutions Communique # 3 written January 26, 2019 but which struck me.  I truly feel these quotes greatly apply to our National theme of Care for our Common Home and our provincial theme of Witnessing to the Truth.  I have been pondering these words which are truly food for thought and what they mean in my life.

You’ve got what it takes to change this world not because of anything you do, but because of what God can and does do through you.”  Dan Dematte, Holiness Revolution

“God wants to use you in amazing ways!  Will you let him?” Dan Dematte, Holiness Revolution

Ciao for now and God bless each and every one of you.

Laura Esposito