Dear Sisters in the League

“Faith is a way of life which is characterized by a constant and ongoing conversion and renewal of mind and heart. Members must constantly be in the process of spiritual growth” (Executive Handbook)


I would like to welcome our diocesan Spiritual Development chairpersons
Kamloops: Sonya Barrett
Nelson: Yvette Despres
Prince George: Sylvia De Sousa
Vancouver: Sherray Duran
Victoria: Pat Darling
Whitehorse Carol Vanderbyl

I have included all of you on my daily prayer list. Also, congratulations to our new national Spiritual Development chairperson Sheri Gunta

What does Spiritual Development encompass?
It involves:
a) the spiritual growth of its members
b) the study of Catholic teachings
c) the role of women in the church
d) evangelization and mission assistance
e) lay ministries
f) ecumenism and interfaith encounters
Two areas I would like to write about in this communique are spiritual growth of our members and evangelization.

Spiritual Growth
We have been blessed as members of the holy Catholic Church in having wonderful resources to deepen our faith. These come in the form of the Mass, Adoration, the Sacraments, prayers, magazines, DVD’s the Bible, The Catechism of the Catholic Church, newspapers, periodicals, Bible studies, wonderful Sunday and week day sermons and the many resources the League publishes. It however takes discipline (that is where the word disciple comes from) to be a member of the church and a follower of Jesus. Please encourage your League sisters to give their spiritual lives top priority. I am currently studying the new apostolic exhortation Gaudete Et Exsultate on the call to holiness in today’s world. We have only one earthly purpose and that is to be a saint.

Dr. Jeff Mirus has written an excellent paper on 10 keys to Effective Evangelization. In summary he states it is important1) to love Jesus 2) to love the church and 3) live an examined life based on the commandments and teachings of the church. He says 4) we are different and must act differently for example we must take on responsibility and be joyful,
5) prayer and 6) spiritual reading which forms us morally, spiritually and intellectually are a must. 7) Charitable works are very important and involve personal sacrifice. As Catholics 8) we need a knowledge of scripture, so we can explain scripture to others.9) Under traditions and customs he says our faith should be reflected in a thousand different ways. The tenth effective key is the skill of detachment, a detachment from our own prejudices, preferences and opinions. It is the difference between who we are and who God is.

A Concern
In the 2017 provincial spiritual report it was stated that 40% of our parish councils in BC and the Yukon do not have a Spiritual Development chairperson. Please pray and encourage councils to find devout women to take on these positions. I urge you to make this a priority.

Leading with courage
I would like to recommend 3 movies I saw this summer which exemplify our theme, Leading with Courage. The Zoo Keepers Wife is a true story of a young family who save 300 Jews from the Nazi death camps, St. Paul which is about his life and the times in which he lived and The Fugitive which portrays a priest in Mexico during the revolution.

Catherine L’Heureux